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This is a background story set in The Elder Scrolls universe. All the events take place in the 2nd era during the time of the Interregnum. (Elder Scrolls Online)
It details a friendship between the main character Delte and her two friends one Nord who is called Volk Shatter Shield and a Argonian that goes by the name of Left-Paw-Alight.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chapter 2 Location- Bruma garrison city. Date- 2E 581 First Seed Morndas 9th

General Veldam Arendu of House Telvanni sat at his oak desk the day after the battle. Light from the mid morning sun streamed in through the tall glass window and fell across his desk illuminating the battle reports from the day before. A fire roared away from a huge granite stone open fireplace heating up the room while it gave off a sweet smell of pine sap. General Veldam dressed in jade green silk robes and leather britches, a small beard, neatly trimmed, adorned his chin and upper lip. Under his left eye a white scar ran along the top of his cheek bone. Veldam picked up a glass of Colovian Brandy and took a sip as he sat back in his chair while he read a report from the scouts he sent out shortly after the enemy had routed from the field of battle.
A log spat and crackled in the fire as three sharp knocks rattled on the door to his office. General Veldam sighed as he put the glass back on the table. “Enter.”
The door opened to reveal a Nord wearing a leather jerkin, at his side hung a bearded ax. His long black beard nearly obscured the chain of rank he held. The Nord closed the door behind him and stood to attention.
“M'lord Bondsman Volk Shatter-Shield, the Argonian Shaman Left Paw-Alight and Delte are here to see you as requested.”
“Best send them in sergeant Khalan.” Veldam said.
“As you wish m'lord.” Sergeant Khalan spun on his heal and strode out of the office.
Shortly after the door opened again and the three guests walked into the office and stood to attention before the general's desk.
“Please, all of you sit, no need for ceremony.” Veldam said in an annoyed tone.
As they sat down he got up and shuffled over to a drinks cabinet that stood in the corner of the room.
“You're hurt.” Delte said in a concerned voice, a frown crossing her face.
“Bah just a scratch from yesterday. Took an arrow to the knee during my cavalry charge down the left flank. The physician cleaned the wound and has given me some ointment for it.” Veldam said with a dismissive wave.
“Anyone want to sample this Colovian Brandy with me?”
“Aye I'll have some.” Volk said with a grin spreading across his face.
“Is it not a bit early for drinks?” Delte said.
“Nonsense its never to early for drink.” Volk replied.
“Paws?” Veldam asked.
“No sir, thank you all the same.” Paws replied with a smile.
Delte got up off her chair and walked over to join Veldam by the drinks cabinet.
“Why didn't you come to me for a potion?” She whispered in his ear.
“After our last conversation I didn't think you would want to see me.” he whispered back.
“Shut up and go and sit down you fool. I'll deal with the drinks.”Delte said as she ushered him back to his chair.
Volk and Paws looked at each other in a uncomfortable silence as the tension in the air started to tighten between Delte and Veldam. The general sat back down the pain in his face eased as the weight off his wounded knee. The only sound in the office was Delte pouring the brandy. Paws gave a polite cough and spoke.
“Volk and I are here about our three year oaths to you.”
“By Azura has three years passed already?” Veldam said with a chuckle. “I remember the day when I asked you both in that Whiterun tavern seems as though it was just yesterday.” Veldam looked at them both. “Can I ask you for another oath of three years?”
Delte handed Veldam and Volk a glass of brandy each and sat down again crossing her legs as she did.
“No, I have a wife and two children. One of which I have yet to see back at my farm.” Volk said as he downed the brandy in one gulp.
“I understand Volk.” Veldam said as he opened a draw in his desk and pulled out a sealed scroll. As he handed it to Volk he said. “Take this to the quartermaster, he will pay you the full three years service and a bonus.” He also handed one to Paws with the same instructions.
“I also wish to leave.” Delte said as she fidgeted with a gold chain around her neck.
Veldam sighed and turned his red eyes towards her. “This is about the writ I served you before the battle?”
“Huh don't flatter yourself. You know why I need to leave. We spoke of it the night before the battle, before you gave me the writ.” she said crossing her arms.
Veldam decided not to pursue the issue with the present company. Volk stood up and offered his hand to Veldam who accepted it in a warriors handshake. Paws stood up and bowed his head and they both nearly ran over each other as they tried to leave the office.
The door slammed shut behind them and Delte spoke. “You used me as a weapon Veldam. Who in Oblivion told you I am Morag Tong?”
Veldam didn't say anything and just handed her a letter with a broken Morag Tong wax seal. Delte took it off him and started to read. Veldam sat back and took a sip of brandy and waited for her to finish reading the missive. The minutes it took her to read seemed to stretch into an eternity for him, as he hoped it would calm her down from the argument they had the night before the battle.
Delte placed the letter back on the desk. “Bastards!” She said. “Why didn't you tell me you had been asking for a blade from them for so long?”
“I didn't know you was a blade for the Tong until that letter.” he replied as he took the letter and locked it back in his drawer. “You read it yourself, they knew you were here which is why my requests went unanswered.”
Delte stood up and walked to the window, in the street below she saw stall holders hawking their wares to potential shoppers. A patrol of the city guard milled around a small group of prostitutes trying to get them into their beds for free. Directly across the street Volk and Paws loaded up their horses for their journey through Jerall Pass and into Skyrim.
“You could have shot me down mid rant, but you didn't. Why?” Delte said quietly.
Veldam pulled himself out of the chair and walked up behind her, he put his hands around her slim waist and gently kissed the nape of her neck. She leaned back in his embrace and tilted her head to one side as he kissed her. Deltes' scent and warmth of her body quickened his pulse. He pulled his head back and whispered in her ear in a deep resonating voice.
“I don't want you to leave. Stay here and marry me.”
Delte turned to face him and kissed him on his lips, her arms came up and dropped over his shoulders.
“I have to, if I marry you now without a House name or proof of my bloodline questions will be asked.” Delte purred in between kissing him.
Veldam pulled away from her with a frown. “I don't care what those n'wah think.”
Delte chuckled and shook her head. “No you may not, but I do. I do not wish them to think I am some Ashlander or vagabond looking to marry into money or power. Your bloodline is strongly tied to the original Telvanni line. That is why I need to get my name and Ancestors' Favour back.”
“I guess you're going to Morrowind via Skyrim?” Veldam said.
Delte nodded her response. “It makes sense to travel with Volk and Paws. You'll worry less this way.”
Veldam chuckled and placed his forehead to hers. “Yes your right. Just promise me you will not take any unnecessary risks.”
“I promise to be a good girl.” Delte cooed and then kissed him passionately.

Slowly the town of Bruma awoke around Volk and Left Paw-Alight as they checked their horses, supplies and equipment. Stall holders shouted their advertisements hoping to attract buyers, stray dogs ran up and down the street looking for scrap food left on the ground from the previous night and early morning. Paws finished checking his bridle on the horse and reached into one of the saddlebags, with a smile he pulled out a small phial. In the morning light a red liquid moved lazily within. The phial was bound up in what looked like a bow string. Volk paused checking Delte's horse and watched Paws as he held up the phial and checked the wax seals that held the string in place. Each wax seal had a different rune of magicka seared into it.
“What's that?” Volk asked as he continued checking the bridle straps.
“Uh oh well... You know that Altmer mage from the battle?” Paws said with a grin.
“How can I forget when I saw him cast that fire spell on the lancers. So what about him?”
“Well I've got some of his blood in here and used a binding spell mixed in with sympathetic magicka.” Paws explained as best he could to the large Nord. “This stopped him from casting more harmful spells, and as long as this jar and its seals stay in tact it will handicap him for much longer.”
“So that's why he never managed to cast more fire spells?” Volk asked in amazement at Paws.
Paws grinned and nodded. Volk laughed and said. “ Your one crafty lizard Paws, and one hell of a mage.”
“Shaman”. Paws corrected Volk. “And than you Volk”.
“So what are you going to do with it?”
“Not sure really, I was going to bury it some place along the trail to Helgen.” Paws said as he carefully placed the phial in a small cushioned case and put it back into his saddlebag.
“Why not hold the Altmer to ransom with it?” Volk said with a grin.
“Thought did cross my mind to be honest. Or I could leave it in the ice flow or a mountain glacier in Skyrim. It would last a few years and frustrate him more.” Paws chuckled at the thought of the Altmer mage trying to light a simple candle with the hex in place.
“That is cruel, just remind me never to anger you Paws.”

Delte opened the large oakwood door to the front of Veldams' house and office and walked out into the street. Her black fur lined cloak billowed out as she walked across the street to where Volk and Paws were standing with the horses. Her long red hair blew about in the slight breeze catching the sunlight as it did. Strapped to her right leathered thigh was a stiletto dagger on the other thigh were straps with small glass phials filled with alchemical potions and poisons. The body of her armour was a black leather corset with ruffles of silk poking through from underneath. A silver clasp held her cloak on around her shoulder. Smouldering violet eyes endlessly watched the street as she walked across it.
“So are you coming with us?” Paws asked in a way of greeting her.
Delte nodded and looked back up at the window she was looking out of a couple of minutes earlier. Veldam was standing there watching her, Delte smiled and blew him a kiss then mounted her white gelding. Veldam waved back and then disappeared from view. Paws and Volk mounted their own horses, Volk's was a pure bred Skyrim stallion with a thick brown fur hide. Paws horse was a Colovian breed with a tan hide.
“We get past the watchtower and make the Jerall Way Tavern by nightfall. Then on to Helgen. From there we are a days ride to Whiterun and my farm.” Volk said as they rode out of the city gates.

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