About the story.

This is a background story set in The Elder Scrolls universe. All the events take place in the 2nd era during the time of the Interregnum. (Elder Scrolls Online)
It details a friendship between the main character Delte and her two friends one Nord who is called Volk Shatter Shield and a Argonian that goes by the name of Left-Paw-Alight.

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Delte Hlervi Character Profile

Name:- Delte Hlervi

Demeanour:- Austere to those who she doesn't know. Once the barriers are down people tend to find a caring individual who just enjoys life and all it brings.

Age:- 30

Gender:- Female

Birth date:- 2E 551 Heartfire 22nd

Birth sign:- Thief

Place of birth :- Mainland Morrowind the city that will become known as Old Ebonheart.

Race:- Dunmer

Alliance:- Ebonheart Pact

Current Profession:- Scout for the Ebonheart armies (hidden Morag Tong member)

Physical descriptions.
Hair:- Flame red usually worn long and loose.

Eye Colour:- Violet

Skin Colour:- Dark Grey

Body build:- Athletic

Type of clothing worn:- Usually leather armour when travelling, when at home silks and fine garments.

Facial/ Body markings:- None

Likes:- Children, Exploring, Alchemy.
Dislikes:- Spiders, Undead, Skooma.

Combat abilities:- Can shoot with bows and arrows but prefers to use her two daggers. She has some abilities with healing magicka.
Delte is an accomplished alchemist, which helps her earn money when not working for the army of the Ebonheart Pact.

Born in what is to be latter known as Old Ebonheart to a dying house called Hlervi, her mother and father decided to move to Elsweyr and start a fresh on the edge of the desert farming silk to trade to the region. She can hardly remember the journey due to her young age and what memories she does have is that of her elder brother looking after her and their mother on the road when Delte's father had to leave them for supplies.
Delte's mother died during child birth to her younger brother when Delte was only 4 years old. This put a lot of strain on her father who now not only had to look after the silk farm but also two children who were not old enough to look after themselves. Life was good to them though until the troubles started in the Imperial city.
Rumours sprang up of dissension between the states and alliances were being made, visitors would come in the dead of night to the farm and sue her father and brother to join a side. Her father and elder sibling would have none of it preferring to stay out of any conflicts.
Shortly after one meeting her two brothers went out to hunt wild bore, only the youngest returned with the story of a bore goring his brother to death. Covered in blood he gave the gruesome story to his father and sister. Stricken with grief their father became very ill and died shortly afterwards. The lands and property now fell into the hands of Delte, but before the reading of the will an Altmeri delegate visited and asked that Delte be put under arrest due to the House Hlervi joining the Ebonheart Pact. Delte resisted arrest and killed the delegate and two of his guards, she fled into the countryside where she was hunted down by a slave hunter and captured.
On her capture she witnessed her younger brother swearing an oath to the Dominion and her own sentence was to be taken to a slave camp to mine iron for the war effort. Now a criminal all she had was taken from her and fell into her younger brother's hands.

In the camp she was placed as a cook where she gained access to herbs and spices and due to her knowledge of alchemy managed to make sleeping poison for the guards. Within a few months of captivity she was free and running to Morrowind.

Once in Morrowind she tracked down the only surviving member of her house who took her in. She recounted the tale for the old patriarch to the house. He listened and gave her a coin and then sent her away. Thinking the old man had gone senile she threw the coin away in a rage vowing to get her revenge on those who manufactured her families down fall.
"You know you shouldn't throw away a gift like this." The hooded man said to her as he passed the coin she had thrown away between his fingers. "I can give you want you want, all you need to do is accept."
Delte did accept and was taken to a Morag Tong cell where she swore oaths to Mephala and the Tong. She was trained in the arts of stealth and assassination. Within two years she had risen in the ranks and completed every writ given to her. Delte asked the Tong Master for a leave of absence to go back to Elsweyr and seek out the answers to the questions she had. Giving his permission she left the next day.

Back in Elsweyr she arrived at her family home and was greeted by her younger brother who was pleased to see her free of the slave camp. During the evening meal she was drugged and taken back to the slave camp. Upon awakening the slave master bragged about how her brother had sold her to them, and that she was to be kept alive because she had been like a mother to the boy. With the Dominion now occupying forts and towns in Cyrodiil she was being shipped to the front lines to work in the salt mines.

Once at the salt mines she was abused by the guards and caged for days on end without food or water. Days turned into weeks and then months with no sign of escape or rescue. On the eighth month of her captivity a daring raid by a Dunmer, Argonian and Nord alerted the whole slave camp. As she swung there in her cage she shouted out to them to free her, the dunmer and nord killed the jailer and his guards and broke Delte free. Weak and dehydrated she was half carried and half walked out of the slave camp and to freedom.
On the way back to Bruma she recovered her lost strength and showed a great aptitude to bypass enemy troops and positions. The male dunmer who rescued her became enamoured with her and soon won her heart. His name was General Veldam Arendu of House Telvanni he explained he was not a direct descendant to the house more a cousin and a rebellious one at that. The nord was Volk Shatter-Shield from Skyrim who was now on his second year of service in the Ebonheart Pact along with Left-Paw-Alight the argonian. The four of them soon became good friends and saw many adventures together in Cyrodiil before the war between the alliances really began.
The rest can be read here as it picks up three years before the war begins in open conflict.

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Chapter 11, Location:- Outside Broken Tower Reboudt, Date:- 2E 581 First Seed Tirdas 17th.

Chapter 11
Location:- Outside Broken Tower Redoubt.
Date:- 2E 581 First Seed Tirdas 17th

Kavak and the Oathsworn of the Shatter-Shield clan had a busy time with clearing the old fort of the cultists that had made it their home. He and his men had found some of the cultists trying to dig through a fresh cave in deep in the old dungeons. Once the fighting had died down and he was happy enough with the security of the old fort he sent teams out to do a final sweep and to kill any cultists they found along the way.
He sat down heavily on the stone steps leading up to the main door by the roadside and looked up at the clear blue sky as the sun rose to its zenith for the day. The air was filled with bird song as they flitted about the cliff face and bushes that clung to the old rocks for survival. The search for the lord Volk had been for naught as there had been no sign of him or Left-Paw-Alight and he began to wonder if they were trapped on the other side of the cave in which was why the cultists were digging there to try and get to them.
Kavak pulled his two handed sword out and rested it on his lap and inspected the blade. The blade of the sword had notches from the fight at the clan hold and from the battle that had taken place in the fort, he lovingly stroked it with a calloused hand and a smile. The weapon had served him for most of his adult life and now like him it was starting to loose its edge far to quickly in battle.
Lightning split the sky and a vortex of clouds swirled above the grass plains, Kavak looked up as a flight of birds frightened by the sudden sound took to the air and sighed.
“One more battle for us both by the looks of it.” he said to the blade as he stood up and went back inside the old fort to bellow out a command “Oathsworn to me, we have more daedra to kill.” His voice boomed throughout the old fort and the sound of running feet clad in metal and leather could be heard as his unit of elite warriors started to gather to him.

The portal from Coldharbour opened up ten yards above the grass plain and evicted three figures that hit the ground below. With a crack like thunder the portal closed behind them. From where Kavak stood with the Oathsworn he could see the figures laying on the ground was an argonian and two humans one male and one female. The figures didn't move for a while and then started to rouse trying to stand up onto their feet. Kavak gave the order to raise the shield wall and approach the three figures before they could gain their bearings and attack them.
Volk rolled over onto his back as he tried to catch his breath. Gresla laid next to him looking up at the clear blue sky and started to laugh and breath in deeply the clear mountain air of Skyrim. Left-Paw-Alight sat bolt up right and looked around in a daze.
“Oh look Kavak is here to greet us.” he said as his brain tried to process the sight around him “That's nice, I wonder how he knew where to find us.” Left-Paw-Alight then held his head in his hands and started to make a strange croaking sound a sob left him as he realised what had happened “Oh gods we left Delte behind.”
“I know.” Volk said as he rose to his feet with the help of his wife who was overjoyed at being freed “How are we going to break the news to Veldam?”
Volk walked over to Left-Paw-Alight and helped him to his feet “Come on Paws.”
“I will send Veldam a letter once we get back to your hold.” Left-Paw-Alight said as he rose to his feet.
“She will not be forgotten Paws, while my clan still lives in these hills and my family hold still stands her name will live on in our sagas.” came the reply from Volk.

Kavak stopped halfway to the three figures and gave the order to lower the shield wall, he watched as the three figures got to their feet and a smile spread across his face as he recognised the human male and argonian to be Volk and Left-Paw-Alight, the female he assumed was Volk's wife Gresla. He started to laugh and moved forward to greet them all, the Oathsworn broke rank and followed their leader.
“It is good to see you my lord Volk.” Kavak said as he greeted him with a warriors handshake.
“Good to see you as well old man.” Volk responded with a grin as he looked around at the Oathsworn and added “Where is Brom?”
“There are many things we need to discuss on the way home.” Kavak answered his tone dropping to a more serious note. Volk's heart leapt into his throat and his mouth went dry as he tried to swallow.
“Is Brom well?” he asked the old nord fearing the worse.
“Yes Brom is fine.” Kavak said with a grin spreading across his face “And so is your son Fraki.”
At hearing this new Gresla gave a sigh of relief “Thank the gods.” she put her arm around Volk and rested her head on his shoulder.
“What are you not telling us though?” Left-Paw-Alight spoke up as he listened in on the conversation.
“Best that comes from Brom.” Kavak said as he looked at each of them.
“I'll tell him if you wont.” Gresla said in a defiant tone “Your father Volk lead the......”
“Shut it woman.” Kavak raised his hand to strike Gresla “You maybe Volk's wife but it is not …..”
“It's ok Kavak let her speak.” Volk interrupted him and then lowered his voice to a growl and added “She is my wife and I do not want you to speak to her in such a way again. You shall treat her with the same respect as you would me.”
“Forgive me my lord.” Kavak apologised and bowed low to Volk “Forgive me my lady.”
“Apology accepted.” Gresla said looking at Kavak, she then turned to Volk and continued “Your father Volk lead the attack on our farm and took Fraki from me after he killed Michael in cold blood.”
Volk staggered backwards away from her the shock of the news was like a physical blow to him as he looked between Gresla and Kavak shaking his head in disbelief. “This is some sort of cruel joke it has to be.” he said wiping away the tears.
“I wish it were.” Kavak said as he held onto Volk to steady him “Brom challenged your father when his crimes became known. He won and sent us to find you.”
“I have regained my wife and new born, only to loose a battle sister and my father. The gods certainly know how to make fun of us.” Volk shook off Kavak and went to his wife and held her close.
Kavak turned to look at Left-Paw-Alight in his ruined robes “Good to see you as well Paws old friend.” he frowned at the argonian looking him up and down “New look in robes I see?”
“No it is not.” snapped Left-Paw-Alight “They are ruined Delte she cut...them..” he stopped his rant and looked at Kavak “Delte is the name of the battle sister Volk spoke of. If not for her we would not of been able to escape Coldharbour.”
“Let us go home I wish to see my son.” Volk said.

Location:- Shatter-Shield clan hold.
Date:- 2E 581 First Seed Fredas 20th

Brom sat in the clan longhall the blood and bodies from the fight with the cultists and his father had been removed. New fur rugs had been placed around the hall and servants scurried about cleaning, some of the militia stood guard inside the hall. Shouts were heard outside as the rest of the militia went through their drills and training. A large fire gave the longhall a much needed warmth, spread out in front of it was a fur rug where Fraki lay giggling as Hreira played with him and her new born daughter. The mood around the settlement had improved greatly and a new sense of hope seemed to of fallen over the people who lived and worked within. As the winters snow had retreated the flowers were starting to come out of their winter hibernation. Children ran about outside playing games of hide and seek or seeing how far they could roll a wooden hoop with a small stick down the roads.
One of the militia sergeants entered the longhall, his long chainmail coat glittered in the shafts of sunlight that spilled down from the roof and windows. He walked briskly up to where Brom sat and bowed low. “My lord I have news.” he said with a barley contained smile and waited for the signal to continue.
Brom waved a hand at the sergeant “Go on sergeant Balfhe .”
“Your brother approaches with Kavak and the Oathsworn my lord.” sergeant Balfhe said then stepped to one side.
Brom shot to his feet and started to half walk and half run out of the longhall to greet his brother. He stopped at the doorway and shouted over to Hreira “Volk is on his way get Fraki ready to meet his father.”

The approach to the longhall was lined with family members of the Shatter-Shield clan as well as the militia and local farmers who tended the lands around the hold. The cheering was overwhelming, Brom stood at the doors to the longhall beaming from ear to ear, his long hair braided with coloured beads and cloth. He wore a red woollen tunic and leather britches with leather boots that came up to his knees. Around his neck was a golden torc that glittered in the sunlight his arms also had golden torcs to show his status as a warrior lord. He looked over at Hreira who was holding Fraki and said to her “Stay out of sight with Fraki, I wish to surprise Volk.”
Left-Paw-Alight looked over at Volk as they made their way through the crowd towards the longhall. During their journey through Coldharbour and back to the clan hold he had noticed grey streaks of hair had appeared in Volk's hair and beard. His own glorious plumage of coloured feathers had fallen out and now it was being replaced with a crown of horns. The words that Delte had said echoed in his mind about travelling through Oblivion will always take a toll on those mortals that dare enter. Gresla and Volk had been inseparable throughout the whole journey from Rorikstead.
They all dismounted their horses a few steps away from the longhall, Volk helped Gresla off her horse and walked hand in hand up to the main doors where Brom stood waiting with a huge grin on his face. The two brothers embraced each other as only brothers can, and then Brom turned to Gresla and gave her the same welcome.
“Is it true about the Old Bear?” Volk asked breaking the silence between them looking at Brom.
Tears welled up in Brom's eyes as he nodded his head, Volk embraced him again and said “It should never of been you to do this task, forgive me brother.”
“Well there is some good news I have for you and Gresla.” Brom said as he waved Hreira out from her hiding spot with Fraki “We saved him before our father could sacrifice him to Molag Bal.”
Hreira stepped out of the longhall with Fraki in her arms and presented him to Volk and his wife. Gresla gave a gasp of joy at seeing her baby and gently took him from Hreira, Volk looked down at the face of his surviving son and placed his index finger into the palm of the young boy. Fraki gripped hold tight on his fathers finger as Volk tried to shake it free with a smile.
“He has a good grip, he will make a fine warrior.” Volk said he then looked at Hreira and said to her “You lass come here.”
Hreira walked up to Volk and gave a small curtsey “My lord ?”
“Are you the wet nurse Kavak told me about?” he asked her his tone now more serious and stern.
“Yes my lord.” she replied with her head still bowed.
“Look at me when I want to thank you for taking the time to look after my boy and offer you anything within my power to give you as reward.” Volk said to the young mother
Hreira looked up into Volk's steel blue eyes framed with his black hair and said “I only wish for my daughter to grow up healthy and be given an education.” she said in all honesty.
“Then it shall be so, move your family up to the longhall.” Volk said resolute “I think a feast is in order to celebrate our return and reunion.” he said as he placed an arm around Gresla and Brom as they wall walked into the longhall.

The feast lasted for three days and three nights in celebration of Volk's return and his reunion with Gresla his wife along with his son. On the last day of the feast a clan skald stood on a large oak table with a drum and sang a new saga of Volk's adventures in Cyrodiil and Coldharbour. Once he was finished the skald quietened down the crowd in the hall and spoke to his audience.
“Although she was a dunmer her skin ashen grey with violet eyes she had the heart and soul of a daughter of Skyrim, and this saga is for her.”
He then started to beat his drum once more and sang a second saga about Delte and her sacrifice to save Volk and Gresla from Coldharbour.


Left-Paw-Alight kept to his word and sent a letter to general Veldam giving him the bad news of Delte's demise and how it had occurred.
Veldam didn't take the news well and entered into a spiral of self destruction over the next year. The bottle became his only companion and love for a while until he lost his commission for general after a large defeat in a siege at one of the keeps that littered Cyrodiil. It was shortly after this event he managed to pull himself out of the bottle and work towards getting his rank of general back. His natural charisma brought others like him together to form a small unit of highly trained men and women. They took on the jobs deep behind the enemy lines in disrupting supplies of the enemy alliances. Rumours surrounded the unit about all those that serve in it are looking for death and they were tired of life due to the high risk missions they took. The enemy soldiers gave Veldam's new unit the name Hellequin which would garner ghost stories around the campfires at night.

Left-Paw-Alight said his farewells to the Shatter-Shield family and went on to the college in Winterhold city. When he arrived at the college he was well received by the other mages who studied and lived there. He gave the council his own accounts of what he had seen and done in Coldharbour, along with the strange contraptions he had seen being made. Left-Paw-Alight left out the part about Delte due to a promise he had made to Volk that he would find a way to free her soul or get her home if she still lived some how.
Left-Paw-Alight was given the honour of being able to hand pick his own students that would help him research more on the daedra and the events in Coldharbour. Over the next couple of years he kept in touch with the Shatter-Shield clan and sent letters to Veldam, although he never got any back from the general.

In the year that followed Volk's return home his wife Gresla gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Gresla and Volk overjoyed with this blessing gave their new addition to the family the name of Delte in honour of his missing friend. Fraki and Delte Shatter-Shield was given every care and attention that could be afforded. Brom and Serena the breton healer from Rorikstead started courting and after a year and a half they tied the knot at the shrine of Mara to become husband and wife. Volk still taunts his brother about not marrying a nord, but soon found that Serena to be a perfect match for his brother. Gresla and Serena became good friends and would often spend time together while the two brothers were away on business.
True to his word Volk accepted Hreira and her daughter along with her husband into the clan and gave them the same attention as he would his own flesh and blood.
Kavak decided to retire and hang up his sword once and for all, as he stepped down as the clans housecarl his nephew and husband to Hreira took up the title. The ranks of the oathsworn swelled as some of the displaced people from Rorikstead came to the clan hold and pledged themselves to the clan. With this came new problems as the jarls Morthal and Solitude demanded to know what Volk's intentions were to be with such a fighting force on their southern boarders.
On the pillars that held up the roof of the longhall a new saga was carved into the wood of Volk's adventures with his two friends but it was never finished until the fate of Delte could be determined.

Chapter 10, Location:- Coldharbour, Date:- 2E 581 First Seed Morndas 16th.

Chapter 10
Location:- Coldharbour
Date:- 2E 581 First Seed Morndas 16th

With no sunlight or moon to guide them through the city it made their journey difficult. The only light seemed to come from the clouds above and the stone walls of the city along with some of the major buildings in a sickly black purple light that would make one feel ill with nausea and a pulsing headache if looked at directly for to long. In the sky large winged creatures wheeled and dived on the currents of air, now and then they would swoop down and pick up individuals only to carry them off to some place unknown. They followed a fast flowing stream that stank of stagnant water and effluent Delte covered her mouth and nose with a silk scarf as they made their way along the banks, Volk and Left-Paw-Alight tried their best not to breath to deeply but in the end gave up and just tried to ignore the stench. Placed along the banks of the stream were small encampments of old run down market stalls and tents with sleeping bags inside. The occupants to which looked much like the others they had seen during their time in Coldharbour. Some scurried about on hands and knees like wild dogs looking for food baring their teeth at passing daedra and each other.
Delte circumnavigated most of these settlements and their occupants trying to avoid getting into a fight and giving away their purpose and location to the daedra. The fights they couldn't avoid were over quickly and quietly with either a dagger in the back or an arrow from Delte's bow.

As they approached one encampment they noticed a log fire blazing away with a strange man sat playing a lute and singing songs to a group of dishevelled looking humans with cold empty grey eyes wearing only rags. On the lute players head sat an old battered saucepan as a makeshift helmet. He wore a ragged tunic and breaches, on his feet were a pair of old leather boots with their toe caps missing. Left-Paw-Alight nudged Delte and pointed at the scene and said “Now that is strange.”
“What do you mean?” Delte said looking for an explanation.
“Singing and playing a lute shows signs of intelligence and a creative edge or soul.” came his reply “We should go and see if he is in a talking mood, maybe he can direct us to the fresh slaves or even Gresla.”
“Then let us go and have a word.” Volk interrupted at hearing this, he moved out of the shadows and headed over to the camp before Delte could stop him or urge caution. She sighed and shook her head and followed him over to the camp fire along with Left-Paw-Alight.

Volk was already sat down on one of the logs by the fire when Delte and Left-Paw-Alight arrived and sat down along side him, the man carried on playing for a short while and then stopped to look at the new arrivals. “Well well looks like I have a new audience, I am pleased to say. The old one wasn't in a very talkative mood, they just had no soul.” he said and started to laugh “Oh were are my manners, Sir Cadwell at your service.” He finished as he lifted up his saucepan helmet in greeting.
Delte, Volk and Left-Paw-Alight looked at each other with puzzled expressions on their faces. Volk introduced himself and his two companions to the man calling himself Sir Cadwell. Delte got impatient and asked “We are here looking for a way to the newly arrived slaves and a nord woman who goes by the name of Gresla Shatter-Shield.”
“I see well how about a trade first?” Sir Cadwell offered.
“Go on what kind of trade?” Left-Paw-Alight replied trying to define the deal in a less broader term than the one used by the strange man.
“Well let me see.” Sir Cadwell said as he stroked his long pointy grey beard as he thought “Ah ha I know what about a song in trade for information?”
Left-Paw-Alight sighed with relief and then said “I don't know any songs though, a spell I can teach you though.”
“No I need a new song, something cheerful in this dark and dismal place to help lift the mood.” came the reply from Sir Cadwell.
Delte shrugged her shoulders and confessed “I don't know any in the common tongue.”
“I have one.” Volk said with a cheeky grin.
“Oh gods no not that one Volk.” Left-Paw-Alight complained
“Now I am intrigued to hear this one master Volk.” Sir Cadwell said with a grin looking at the discomfort written on Delte's and Left-Paw-Alight's faces.
Volk took a deep breath and started to sing in a deep resonant tone:-

There was a young fop from Highrock,
Who thought he had a big cock,
He met a nordic whore,
They wiggled and jiggled all night long,
Till she screamed “Is it in?”

Volk and Sir Cadwell fell about laughing at the poem while Delte held her head in her hands and just groaned along with Left-Paw-Alight. Suddenly Sir Cadwell sat bolt up right and looked Volk in the eye and said “I was from Highrock you know.”
Volk stopped laughing instantly and his hand went to his axe waiting for the attack. Sir Cadwell looked him in the eye and scowled, then a smile spread across his face and he said “But I like that one, and there were many fops in Highrock who could boast.” Volk's hand fell back onto his knee as he relaxed.
“As agreed a song for information.” Sir Cadwell said as he put his lute down by his side “You are seeking entrance to the soul forge tower then if it is new slaves you are looking for. As for the maiden Gresla she came through a week ago now and will be soul forged soon, unless she has already met that fate of course.”
“What does soul forged mean exactly?” Left-Paw-Alight asked.
Sir Cadwell picked up his lute and started to strum it as he spoke “Soul forging is where the mortals are taken to the forge and have their souls hammered from their bodies. The soul is then forged into the chains you see above us going to those large spinning hoops of metal. Quite and ingenious contraption and Molag Bal's newest invention and plan.
“Wait what plan?” Left-Paw-Alight said.
“Oh to pull Nirn into Coldharbour of course.” came the reply from Sir Cadwell as he strummed the lute.
“Soul forging sounds painful.” Delte confessed.
“It is my dear, most don't survive the process.” Sir Cadwell answered “Those that do often go insane or feral.”
“Have you been soul forged?” Volk said wondering if Cadwell's madness might be a part of this process.
“Oh no my dear boy, I have been here for....ermm …. well let me see....” Sir Cadwell started to count on his fingers and then gave up “A long time, you see I came here when my head was unceremoniously removed from my shoulders in a fight.”
“How do we get into the soul forge?” Delte asked him
“Follow this river to the harvester mines.” Sir Cadwell pointed at the river and the direction they needed to travel in “Be careful in the mines they are filled with traps and beasties.”
Delte and the others rose to their feet and started to move again, Delte looked back at Sir Cadwell and asked him “What kind of beasties?” Secretly hoping it was not going to be giant spiders.
“Mostly undead and snakes.” Sir Cadwell said as he waved goodbye to them “Oh and give my regards to Eleanor when you see her.” With that parting remark he started to play his lute once more and sing the song Volk had taught him.
When they reached the river bank once more and started to follow it Delte said “I wonder who Eleanor is?”
“I don't know and there is only one way to find out.” Volk said in reply “Lets get a move on, sounds like we have some ground to cover.”
They followed the rive to where it vanished into the cliff face. A quick search revealed an entrance to some old abandoned mine that Sir Cadwell had told them about. Metallic clanking sounds could be heard echoing through the tunnels, along with hiss of high pressured steam shooting out of vents. Glowing fungus and lichen lined the walls in a strange blue glow within the tunnels, the light they gave off was enough to navigate by with ease. Delte took point as they entered the old mines, it wasn't long till they came across their first trap of a metal plate in the floor of the tunnel with holes peppered in it. A hiss of steam shot out of some pipes nearby and a set of iron spikes shot up through the holes, with no way to disarm the trap they had to time their run and jumps to be able to get past it without incident. Skeletons littered the ground with huge holes in skulls and broken bones, a testament to the effectiveness of the traps in the mines.
Delte picked the route through the mines trying to avoid most of the traps or find a easy path over them, on one of the traps she and Volk had managed to get across without any problems until it came to Left-Paw-Alight's turn. As he jumped over the trap the spikes shot out and skewered his trailing robes pulling him back and up to suspend him above the floor of the mine. The sound of tearing cloth could be heard as the robes start to give way due to his weight pulling on the seams. The spikes shot back down into the floor dumping the argonian onto the floor with a thud, Volk and Delte pulled him clear and helped him back to his feet. Delte stripped Left-Paw-Alight of his ruined robes and left him standing naked to the waist as she took them over to a rock and started to slice the bottom half of the robes away. When she had finished she handed them back to him and said “There put it back on, no more getting caught in traps.”
He looked at the robes and then Delte with a measure of disgust and shock, but didn't say a word as he put what remained of his robes back on.
They moved deeper into the mines all the while a steady ringing sound could be heard, Volk cocked his ear up towards it and told the others it was a hammer striking an anvil meaning they must be close to the soul forge.
Eventually they arrived in a large open cavern that had been bug out by the claws of some monster and various points in the walls tunnels lead away into the darkness, some went downwards others carried on the same level. The three of them found one tunnel that started to incline upwards back to the surface, Left-Paw-Alight summoned a small flame and held it up, as he did so the fire moved towards the tunnel that inclined meaning the tunnel lead to the surface. As he dismissed the flame skeletons and small imps poured out of the other tunnels, Delte and Volk held the front rank as Left-Paw-Alight cast spells and backed his way up the tunnel. Once the three of them was clear of the entrance Left-Paw-Alight cast a powerful kinetic blast at the tunnel roof bringing it down onto their enemies, and blocking the way back through the mines. The climb was steep and tiring for all involved, eventually they made it to where the tunnel flatted out and they saw the entrance that lead into a courtyard of some kind.
They emerged into the courtyard and was met by a huge towering fort built into the very wall of the city of Coldharbour. Its stones were made of a black granite with small bones embedded within them. A small wooden door sat at the top of a flight of stone steps, at the base of the steps there was a wooden table where a woman was sat writing in a book with a quill pen. The woman was dressed in a simple black dress and wearing black boots. They looked up at the sky and saw the huge metal ring spinning suspended above the tower, chains could be seen wrapping around it looking like huge metallic snakes coiling around their prey. Cries of pain and moans could be heard coming from within the large tower in between the strikes of the hammer sounds.
The woman at the table looked up and smiled at them as they approached, her smile was devoid of all emotion which set Delte's nerves on edge and gave her an uneasy feeling. She tightened her grip on her bow stave watching the open ground between her and the only door visible that lead into the fort.
“Careful Volk, I don't like the look of this.” She said as Volk stepped forward to meet the strange woman.
Volk nodded and walked over to meet her. “ Eleanor I presume?” He said to the woman.
“Why yess that iss my name.” She said stopping in her stride to keep a distance between Volk and herself.
“Sir Cadwell sends his regards.” Volk said with a grin thanking their lucky stars they had found another ally in this dismal place.
She threw her head back and laughed although it held no emotion at all which set Volk's hackles up on the back of his neck, slowly he drew his large two handed sword.
“Welcome mortalss to my lordss domain.” she said with malice in her voice “Ssubmit to me now and I will make your deathss quick and painlesss.”
With that she produced a black soul gem and held it up waiting for them to kneel before her.
“A black soul gem.” Left-Paw-Alight said to Delte “She means to trap us here, some friend she is.”
Knowing the implications of what the black soul gem meant Delte slowly pulled an arrow out of her quiver and dipped the point into a small pot of black paste.
“Sorry lady you are in my way and not being very helpful with talk of submission.” Volk responded as he hoisted his sword up and started a running charge at the woman.
As Volk covered the middle ground the woman's body grew in size and transformed, her bottom half turned into that of a large snake while the top half remained female but her teeth grew into large fangs dripping with poison, while her body gained another pair of arms. On the end of the tail a large rattle made a constant sound that put Delte's teeth on edge.
“A harvester of souls.” Delte shouted above the din of the rattle as she drew back on her bow.
Volk leapt into the air at the end of his run his sword high above his head ready for the down swing when he met his target. The harvester screeched at him and threw a bolt of magical lighting at the airborne Volk, it hit him squarely on his chest sending him flying back the way he had come to land heavily on the courtyard floor. Smoke slowly rising from his chainmail armour. The harvester began to summon more energy to throw another spell at Volk's prone form.
An arrow struck the daedra ruining its concentration and the spell died on its lips, a cry of pain and shock came from the creature as the fast acting poison from the arrow took effect and spread its way through the blood stream.
“Face me creature!” Delte shouted as she ran in the opposite direction away from where Volk lay. As she moved she loosed arrows in quick succession at the harvester of souls.
The harvester of souls screeched at Delte and slithered towards her with clawed hands outstretched. Left-Paw-Alight cast a healing spell over Volk's prone form, and then summoned up a fireball to throw at the daedra. The blazing ball of fire hit the daedra causing the harvester to throw up a magicka ward for protection and stop any more spells from hitting it. Small glowing orbs of light started to appear and travel towards the creature.
“Shoot the orbs.” Left-Paw-Alight shouted over to Delte as he now cowered behind his own magicka ward as lightning ignited the air between him and the harvester.
Delte took aim and shot an arrow at each of the orbs, she missed the last one as it struck the harvester of souls. She watched horrified as the wounds she had given it were healed as the light enveloped its nightmare form.
His head spinning Volk slowly got up and looked around the courtyard, he saw Delte hiding behind a wall buttress as she shot arrows at the daedra and Left-Paw-Alight being magical assaulted by lighting from the creature they were fighting. Volk picked up his two handed sword and ran at the daedra once more ready now for the attack.
Left-Paw-Alight watched as Volk charged past him and dodged a bolt of lighting, then ducked under a swipe from the clawed hands of the creature. His sword came in low and sliced the belly of the snake part of the body, intestines spewed out onto the courtyard as it reeled back in pain. It raised its hands high into the air to rain blows down onto Volk who was now moving in again to strike another part of the snakes tail.
An arrow from Delte's bow pierced the harvesters skull sending an uncontrolled spasm through its body. The snake tail whipped around and swiped Volk off his feet, he rolled away as the dead daedra toppled over and lay twitching on the ground.
Without pausing for a rest Delte bounded up the stone steps at the door picking the lock. Left-Paw-Alight and Volk looked over the book the woman had been writing in and noticed she was keeping some sort of accounts or tally system of souls entering into the soul forge. The latest entry was today along with a head count.
“I don't want to deal with one of those things again.” Volk said looking at the dead creature lying on the ground.
“Harvester of Souls.” Left-Paw-Alight said to give it the proper name of the creature they had just fought against. “One of the more powerful daedra that calls Coldharbour its home.”
“Are you two coming or do you wish to stand there contemplating your navels all day?” Delte said with a grin as she entered the now open doorway.

Inside the fort the scene was filled with a column of smoke rising up the centre of a hollowed out tower. A huge metal frame was built on the inside of the tower with walkways and stairs leading up and down to various levels. Patrols of daedra roamed these walkways with leashed clannfear by their sides snapping at any stray hands or feet from the prisoners that protruded from the iron cells that lined the walls. The heat was intense inside the structure and the hammering was a lot louder along with the screams of pain that sounded with each strike of the hammer. Animated black iron chains moved through the air on invisible pulleys they sped by at amazing speeds. Now and then they would catch hold of a iron cage from the wall and wrap around a hoop on its roof, only to whip it out of its socket in the wall and send it either down or up the tower. Full cages went down while only empty ones rose back up to the top. Delte took a chance and looked up at the top of the tower and far above her she saw a faint glow of a portal stone, she then looked down at the floor of the tower and far below them stood a giant figure wielding a huge hammer onto an anvil. Placed on the anvil was a figure which was to far away to determine what race it was, the hammer struck the anvil and then a second anvil where a piece of white hot metal had been placed. A link in a chain formed as the body on the anvil shrivelled up and became ash. Another figure was pulled from out of the cage at the base of the tower by two black animated chains and placed on the anvil ready for the next blow from the hammer and a new link in the chain.
Left-Paw-Alight looked closely at the metal frame work they now stood on and saw small faces screaming in eternal torment back at him, he placed a hand on the rail and closed his eyes to try and get a sense of the magicka involved in its constructions. He recoiled back in fear and a cold dread came over him. “By the gods, living souls being worked into the daedric metal to give it life and form.” he said as he recovered from the shock and horror of what he had sensed.
“We can't save them all though.” Volk added as he realised the magnitude of the task at hand “Even if we manage to save just one cage full of prisoners it will be a miracle”
“Then let us see if we can save the cage that holds your wife.” Delte said with a smile as she looked down upon a platform suspended in the centre of the tower by a long walkway and chains.
On the platform stood a robed daedra that would wave a control rod in a direction and then a cage would swing down in front of him, a lot of pointing and shouting would issue forth and then the daedra would write in a book. Once the writing was finished the cage would then be sent on its way down the tower to await the smiths hammer.
“Wait here.” Delte told the others “I need to go and have a chat with that daedra down there.”
She moved away and melted into the shadows, Volk and Left-Paw-Alight watched her go and stayed hidden on their perch which was a perfect vantage point to watch her progress below.
“Poor bastards.” Volk remarked in abject horror as he watched “If we get caught I am going to die fighting, there will be no surrender from me.” he promised.
“Agreed.” Left-Paw-Alight replied with a nod “Best we make sure not to get captured then, stay low and wait for Delte's signal.”
“Why is the book important though Paws?” Volk asked puzzled at why the daedra would need to write anything of mortals.
“It will have the names and possible dates recorded within. It is very difficult even for daedra to work magic on such a magnitude as this without using True Names.” Left-Paw-Alight replied “A True Name is the one we are born with and then the Gods and stars give us more names, if someone knows them all then they can do things with a soul whether it is mortal or divine. The more powerful the being the longer and harder the name is to learn and pronounce. My guess is they record them in the book so they are then known to the smith either through a telepathic link or another book below us.”
“What is your True Name then Paws?” Volk asked with a grin and complete innocence to the implications of the question.
“Let us just say the name you know me by is not my real name to begin with.” Left-Paw-Alight said as he watched Delte make her way across the walkway to the centre platform “Not that I don't trust you with it, its just that you wouldn't be able to even say my saxhleel name properly to do it justice. Your father gave me the name of Left-Paw-Alight when we first met.”

Delte crept along the walkway careful not to make a sound, even though the din of the hammer on the anvil echoed through the tower a simple misplaced sound could alert her target. She pulled the fell dagger from its sheath and instantly felt a sense of apprehension and a wave of joy from the blade. A thought entered her mind from the sentient soul within the blade of tasting daedra blood after such a long time would be a beautiful feeling. She gave one quick look around at her surroundings and made sure the guards were all out of ear shot, and they were all to far away to lend aid to her target if it didn't die in the first blow.
Delte concentrated her magicka in a small portal made up of the shadows around her and stepped into it, she leapt the distance between her and the daedra as it started a new entry in the book within a blink of an eye. Her dagger appearing in its kidney, she quickly pulled it out and sliced across its throat before it could recover from the pain and shout the alarm. The dremora died in her arms as she let it down silently to the floor. She quickly pulled the robes and mask off and put them on as a disguise while she read the book, picking up the control rod she placed this in her belt. The dagger she held let a wave of healing energy wash over her as it consumed the soul of the dead daedra, she noticed her aches, grazes and cuts healed in that instance leaving no marks.
The book was written in the daedric runes which Delte could read due to her dunmer heritage, within the book were the names of all the prisoners that had come through the soul forge along with dates and the places in Tamriel from which they came from. Engrossed with her search for Gresla's name she never heard the guard walk up behind her with the leashed clannfear by its side in a parody of a human guard and his guard dog. Volk and Left-Paw-Alight was to far away to lend aid to her and they watched helplessly at the scene unfold below them.

“What is the meaning of this?” the dremora demanded as it looked at the dead dremora on the floor with black blood pooling from the wound that sliced its throat and puncture wound in its back.
“He had made a mistake, I was sent to correct it by Eleanor.” Delte responded in an authoritative tone “Do not disturb me again or I will consider you as part of the mistake and will have you dealt with in the same manner as he was.” She pointed to the dead dremora on the ground without looking up from the book trying to give off an air of confidence and power.
The clannfear sniffed at Delte's feet unsure of the scent it could detect, she closed her eyes and prayed to Mephala for guidance.
“Child of Mephala say this exactly 'I am the Keeper of Names.'” the disembodied voice said to her from the dagger she held.
Delte opened her eyes and kicked at the clannfear as she said “I am the Keeper of Names. Now get your mongrel away from me weakling.”
The dremora pulled back on the leash to heel the clannfear and spoke in a frightened tone “I am.... forgive me Keeper. I will carry on my patrol.” with that the dremora bowed to Delte and walked away with the clannfear in tow.
Delte let out a sigh of relief and looked at the dagger and then placed it in its sheath deciding to deal with it once she was free of Coldharbour. In the book she noticed one name started to glow in red she blinked her eyes and the voice spoke again from the dagger.
“This is the mortal you seek is it not?” the voice spoke again. “Take the control rod and call up the cell number.”
Delte pulled out the control rod and concentrated on the cell number, the small gem on the end of the rod started to glow with a green light as chains started to descend down the tower far below her. She saw the gem change colour slightly and looked down her eyes following the chains and noticed that they had attached onto a cage full of people. She smiled and then gave the mental command for the cell to rise up to her platform. She looked up at where Volk and Left-Paw-Alight where hidden and waved at them to come and join her.
The change of direction of the cells did not go unnoticed by the guards within the tower. Volk and Left-Paw-Alight were seen as they made their way to where Delte waited for them. A klaxon sounded the alert and daedra started to rush up the flights of stairs towards them. Delte watched their progress from her vantage point and noted the timing was going to be close. She looked down at the cell as it rose up to her platform and leapt over the side to land on its roof. She then threw her disguise off and strung her bow ready for combat.
The cell stopped at the platform as Volk and Left-Paw-Alight ran down the walkways length to the cell, Delte loosed two arrows at a pair of daedra that were in hot pursuit of her two friends.
“Jump and get on we are going all the way to the top.” Delte shouted above the din of the alarms and sound of hungry clannfear coming to eat them.
Volk jumped and cleared the gap with ease, he spun round as Left-Paw-Alight jumped and caught hold of his arms and hauled him the rest of the way onto the cells roof. The prisoners in the cell were all shouting and asking to be freed when they realised their new passengers were mortal. Delte shot another arrow at a clannfear as it tried to leap after them. She then dropped her bow and grabbed hold of the control rod and pointed it up at the open sky where the portal crystal was stood on the roof of the tower. The cell lurched up and began its ascent back to the top floor of the tower.

The occupants within the cell gave cries of shock and pain as they were tossed about like rags dolls as the cell rose up through the tower. Volk peered through the bars in the roof of the cell at the people within and shouted “Gresla Shatter-Shield!”
A woman came into view with long blond hair which fell down tussled and knotted, her blue eyes starred up at Volk and shouted in disbelief “By the gods Volk! Its you.” she then burst into tears as he reached down through the bars and held her hand.
Volk looked up at Left-Paw-Alight and Delte with joy on his face and shouted out to them both “She is alive.”

Lighting bolts flew past their heads as some of the daedra cast spells at the rapidly ascending cell, Left-Paw-Alight knelt down on one knee and with staff held in one hand he bowed his head as he closed his eyes. A bubble of magicka energy spread out from him the gems on his staff glowed with the power he focused through the staff. The shield enveloped the cell and its riders to protect it from the harmful spells the enemy were casting in their direction. Delte launched arrows one after the other as they rose up the tower, her supply quickly dwindling.
“Hold tight sweetness we are going home.” Volk shouted down into the cell “Can't this thing go any faster?” he shouted at Delte as the air rushed past his ears, his long hair flailing about in the turbulence.
Delte fired her last arrow and picked up the control rod once more and waved it above her head, the cage lurched and started to climb faster.
Animated chains shot out from the fort walls trying to attach themselves to the runaway cell, dremora hitched rides on the animated chains to try and reach the speeding cell and the mortals that were aboard trying to make their escape. Most flew past missing the cell as it sailed on past, those that managed to gain a purchase were quickly kicked off or cut down by Volk and Delte.

The cell came to a sudden halt smashing a metal cog and pulley system as it reached the top floor of the tower. Delte rolled off the cell in one fluid movement and cut down the two dremora guards. Volk leapt to the floor and sliced down on the large padlock on the cell door with his huge two handed sword. As the lock hit the floor the prisoners threw open the door and surged out of the cell picking up what weapons they could find. Left-Paw-Alight was already making his way up the final flight of stairs to the rotating portal crystal killing the daedra that came down the stairs to stop him with fireballs. Delte quickly followed him along with the escaped prisoners. The blond haired woman ran over to Volk and threw her arms around Volk's neck and hugged him, he returned the embrace and kissed her passionately on the lips, and then pulled her head close to his chest and held her tightly.
“Volk we need to leave now.” Delte shouted down from the platform above as she pointed to a massive force of daedra of various kinds fighting their way up the stairs to their location.
Volk took Gresla's hand and they ran up to the platform where the crystal was.
Volk arrived at the crystal and saw Delte and Left-Paw-Alight both examining it as it rotated on its axis in a black metal frame.
“How long till we can get it open?” he asked Delte.
“Not now Volk let us try and focus our energy.” came her reply.
“I think I can open this on my own but it will take time.” Left-Paw-Alight said deep in thought.
Delte walked away and looked down at the floor below where the cell cage now lay in ruins, the daedra had stopped advancing up the stairs and now waited on the floor below, she walked over to the top of the flight of stairs and saw some start to make their way up the flight of steps to the platform. Looking over at Left-Paw-Alight as he started to charge the portal with magicka, and a glance at Volk looking into his wife's eyes she looked back at the advancing force knowing they would not have time to get the portal open.
Delte closed her eyes and bowed her head and said to the man next to her with a sword he had picked up from one of the dead daedra “Give me your sword.” the man handed her his acquired sword without protest. She walked down the first few steps and sliced the rope holding the portcullis up in its recess that would block off any entry to the platform with the crystal, it dropped with a metallic thunk. The daedra below her stopped their advance up the stairs waiting for her next move. Volk's head shot round and looked at her through the bars of the gate way and ran over to her.
“Delte don't do this.” he pleaded with his friend.
“You are going home Volk.” Delte said to him with a smile on her face and then turned around to walk down the steps “Tell Veldam I love him.” she added without looking back.
With that she ran down the steps to the waiting hoard below, moments latter Volk heard the clash of weapons and Delte singing a song in her native tongue. Volk looked over at Left-Paw-Alight as he charged the portal up with magicka looking for an explanation but all he saw was the old argonian concentrating on the task at hand but in his eyes he saw a sadness. Volk started to try in vain to lift the heavy portcullis back up to try and get to Delte and to help her against the daedra below. Cords of muscles stood out on his arms and neck as he strained against the portcullis as he tried to lift it he gave a roar of frustration and then collapsed on to the floor, Gresla knelt by him and tried to comfort her husband the best she could. The din of battle below them still sounding out as Delte fought the daedra below on her own.

The sentient dagger that Delte wielded in battle proved to be a boon to her in the fight as each time it tasted the blood of one of the daedra it would heal some of her own wounds. Surrounded by enemies she spun, parried and dodged their blows, each time one made a mistake she stepped in and ended its life with one swift blow. The strain from using her magicka in combat was starting to show though as her attacks became slower and fatigue set in making the muscles in her arms burn with the strain.
“I don't understand why she is singing.” Volk said as he watched Left-Paw-Alight streams of magicka now flowing freely between the argonian and the crystal.
“It is her death song.” one of the prisoners said.
Volk looked up at the man who had spoke to him and saw a dunmer stood before him in rags, red eyes looked down at Volk and a smile appeared on the dunmer's face as he bent down and helped Volk and Gresla back up onto their feet.
“Don't weep for her, it is not our way.” he said to Volk “Just make sure you carry out her last wish.” he added.

A lull in the fight happened around Delte as she watched a large daedra step through the crowd around her. A circle was formed as the large dremora stood before her with a huge mace and wearing full plate armour made up of the same black metal adorned with runes as its fellow dremora. She gulped down air and tried to take advantage of the rest to regain some of her strength and speed. Her armour was now hanging torn and ragged from the weapons that had hit or been deflected by her parries a fraction to late. Blood stained silk under the leather flapped about in the breeze as she wiped her mouth of blood and spat on the floor whilst looking at the newcomer. Delte smiled and pointed her sword at the dremora “Come on then, I may miss the portal but I will build a bridge back to Tamriel from your dead bodies.” she said mocking the daedra.

There was a loud pop as the crystal imploded inwards and then exploded out again showering everyone on the platform in dust leaving a shimmering portal open and leading back to Tamriel. Scenes in the portal faded in and out of focus as various places were seen within, the prisoners started to pour through the portal back to Tamriel.
“Volk Gresla come on we have to leave now it won't stay open for long.” Left-Paw-Alight shouted above the roar of the wind that came blowing through the portal.
“We are not going without Delte.” Volk shouted back as he tried to lift the portcullis again.
“Come on Volk we need to leave now. Don't let her sacrifice be for nothing.” came the reply back from Left-Paw-Alight.
Resignation crossed Volk's face as he ran over to the portal with Gresla and took hold of Left-Paw-Alight's hand and then grabbed hold of Gresla around the waist as they leapt through the portal. Moments latter the portal closed with a thunderclap and was gone.

Delte had begun her fight with the champion dremora with the mace when the portal closed trapping her in Coldharbour, her sword locked in a contest of strength with the dremora it started to laugh and then spoke from behind its helmet “You are trapped here mortal.”
“My plan was never to escape. It was to buy my friends time to open the portal.” Delte replied with as she slipped the dagger through the chinks in the plate armour and into the soft body underneath. As the dagger transferred some of the soul energy from the dremora a blow from behind took Delte unawares and then her world went dark.

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Chapter9 Location:- Broken Tower Redoubt. Date:- 2E 581 First Seed Sundas 15th/16th

Location:- Broken Tower Redoubt.
Date:- 2E 581 First Seed Sundas 15th/16th

Midnight had arrived as Delte and Volk scaled down the cliff face to stand on top of one of the broken towers of the fort where the cultist had their base. They both peered over the battlements to the second floor roof top where the tortured victims were tied up on wooden crosses. Below them stood two guards at a door way that lead into the the towers interiors. Left-Paw-Alight and Johan quickly followed them down the cliff face and made their way over to where they lay surveying the battlements below.

Delte and Volk hauled themselves over the edge of the towers battlements and dropped down on top of the two guards killing them from the impact. As they moved between the tortured victims killing them and putting them out of their misery, as well as stopping any from raising an alarm Left-Paw-Alight and Johan climbed down the tower. The silence around the old fort was oppressive as no night animal wandered around or made a noise, as though they could sense the aura of evil that permeated the old fort.

After finishing with the torture victims Delte pressed her ear to the door that lead into the interior of the tower. She closed her eyes and tried to filter out the heavy breathing from Left-Paw-Alight and Johan from their exertion from climbing down the cliff and tower. Slowly she lifted the latch and pushed the door open without a sound and vanished inside leaving the others to wait for her to return with the all clear.
Inside the tower darkness shrouded Delte as she moved in the shadows careful not to make any sound from stepping on the detritus that was strewn across the floor. A fire burned in one of the rooms its door wide open. Two figures sat huddled at a wooden table playing a game of draughts chatting as they played the game. An open bottle of wine sat to one side with a tray of cheese and various fruits left over from their evening meal. Delte assumed these were the relief guards for the two that now lay dead outside. Delte moved to the door that opened out onto the landing and a stone stairway that wound its way down to the next floor. Candles placed on the steps gave off small pools of light that helped guide people down the flight of stairs, Delte remained in the shadows and stalked down the stairway to the first floor in the tower.
As the stairs ended it opened up into a large circular room with beds that lined the walls three of the beds were occupied with cultist laying on straw mattresses, the whole room was illuminated by a large iron chandelier with candles set into the holders giving the room a yellowy orange glow. Their heavy breathing denoted to Delte that they were all fast asleep in a deep slumber. She waited in the shadows looking for any patrols before making her move. A few moments went by and the only things that moved where the bed clothes with the rise and fall of their sleeping contents. She moved from occupied bed to occupied bed and slit the throats of the sleeping cultist quietly and without incident or thought. None of them would wake up again in this world.

Another dark stairway lead down to the ground floor, again she moved through the darkness avoiding the candle light that spilled out onto the stair way from the small groups of candles that had been placed to light the way down. Her eyes and ears alert for any sound or movement, perspiration started to form on her forehead from the effort of sneaking, a cool air blew up the stairway as a door was opened and closed again some where ahead of her. She heard a strange clicking sound move away from her location, Delte slowly made her way down the rest of the stairway and followed a corridor following the sound of the clicking noise.
Delte stopped at a door that lead to the outside of the fort and to the first floor battlements that looked directly onto the road below, she put her ear to the door and listened for any sound from the outside. Hearing nothing she grabbed a loose stone and wedged it under the door to stop anyone who was outside from gaining entry to the fort. She then restarted her route down the corridor in the same direction the clicking sound had gone but now had stopped. Another doorway that opened up into a circular corridor, she peeked through the open door and saw nothing but an empty corridor, this was starting to set her nerves on edge there should be more guards.
A creaking sound alerted her to movement behind her, she rolled away from the door as an arrow thudded into the frame where her head had just been. She spun round and in the darkness of an alcove she had missed two red eyes stared back at her unblinking. Delte saw the dark outline of a bow as the skeleton stepped forward and drew it back again for another shot. Delte rolled forward and using her dagger sliced the taught bow string, the half drawn arrow flew off and clattered on the flagstone floor. The skeleton swung the bow stave at Delte's head who dodged backwards to avoid the attack, the skeleton's follow up attack caught her unawares as the carved horn nocked end of the stave was thrust into her stomach. The leather armour she wore took most of the impact, but the blow still winded her. The stave came again at her head which she ducked to avoid, before the skeleton could launch another swing she lunged forward and threw her arm around the waist of the skeleton lifting its light frame up and throwing it to the ground. Delte groped around its skull face and found a purchase in its eye sockets, her thumb and little finger went deep into the eye sockets as the rest of her fingers grabbed the top part of the skull. She lifted its head up and smashed the back of the skull against the flagstone floor sending bits of bone in all directions, the glow in its eyes flickered and went out.
Delte lay there on the cold stone floor in the ruined remains of the skeleton. As she tried to catch her breath her hand searched around on her stomach where the blow had hit. Her fingers found a small dent in the leather body of her reinforced corset, if it wasn't for the armour the bow stave would of skewered her. Looking at the skeletal feet she realised that it must have been the skeleton that had come through the door, and the clicking sound was its feet striking the stone floor as it walked the patrol route it had been given by its master.
“You are going to have to be more careful Delte.” she reprimanded herself in a whisper.
She started to tap her fingers on the stone floor to a rhythm that entered her subconscious, a sickening feeling spread from the pit of her stomach as her rudimentary magicka skills detected the hint of dark magicka being worked. She sat bolt upright there was a lot of magicka energy being drawn down into the dungeons below the old fort. The rhythm she had detected was a faint drum beat that seemed to rise and fall in tempo.
Delte started to move again now following the sound of the drum beat. It wasn't long before she arrived on a long balcony that overlooked a hall with a flight of stone stairs at the far end leading up to another balcony. Her eyes scanned the scene but saw no one moving about the fort. Piles of bones lay in various places around the hall, the remains of the undead servants that had perished when she had killed their sleeping masters up stairs. Delte peeked over the edge of the balcony where she was and saw a pair of dremora guard standing at a door way that she assumed lead down into the fort dungeons.

Hours seemed to pass for Volk and the others who waited outside on the upper battlements for Delte's return. Johan had already killed the skeletons below on the lower battlements for target practice and now stood looking at the door with an arrow nocked on his bow ready for trouble. Left-Paw-Alight was meditating trying to clear his mind and call upon some help from any passing spirits that might be in the area, as he meditated he carved rune into small pieces of wood and stone and placed them into a pouch he wore on his belt. Volk meanwhile marched up and down like a caged animal waiting for release.
The door that Delte had used opened up and two guards stood looking at the three companions surprise etched on their faces. Johan let loose the arrow at the guard in front which hit its mark in the guards chest. The first guard dropped dead, the second guard drew his sword and opened his mouth to raise the alarm. Before he could move or make a sound a leather gloved hand covered his mouth from behind and a long bladed dagger sliced across his throat. As he fell forward dead Delte stood behind him, the shadows seemed to peal back reluctantly from her.
“Well what are you waiting for?” she said with a smile “A special invitation?”
“Took your time didn't you?” Volk grumbled.
“I had to do my hair and hide the bodies.” She replied as she fluttered her eyelashes at Volk which gained a smirk from him as he walked past her.
Johan walked past her into the tower without saying a word still unsure if he should be here, Left-Paw-Alight was next to enter the tower as he walked up to Delte he placed a finger in the dented leather of her corset where the bow stave had hit her from the skeleton and pushed her inside of the tower. Delte looked down and shrugged, Left-Paw-Alight smiled and shook his head. Delte had got the message from him without saying a word, she would have to be more careful.
“The route to the main hall is clear.” Delte gave them a quick scouting report “In the main hall there are two dremora standing guard at the entrance to the dungeons.”
“I sense there is a massive vortex of magicka energy coming from below us.” Left-Paw-Alight interrupted her “We need to move fast with this amount of energy they can rip a hole right through the veil between worlds and enter Oblivion.”
“Lets get moving then, time things got violent.” Volk said rolling his shoulders and walking out to the stone stairway that wound its way down to the base of the tower.
“But we don't know how many are in the dungeon.” Delte protested trying to urge caution as she followed Volk down the steps quickly followed by Johan and Left-Paw-Alight.
“We need to stop the ritual Delte before its to late.” Came Volk's reply as he stepped into the small barrack room on the first floor.
He stopped and looked at the bodies laying on their beds, blood stains covered the sheets and blood pooled on the floor below from where Delte had cut their throats whilst they slept. Left-Paw-Alight and Johan entered the room, Johan gasped at the sight and looked over to Delte in disbelief.
“Nice and clean as always Delte.” Left-Paw-Alight remarked as he inspected the bodies “Just like a professional Dark Sister.”
“Don't insult me like that Paws, better you hit me with that staff it would be less painful.” came her reply in a sharp tone. She walked past Left-Paw-Alight and bumped shoulders with him as she passed without apologising.
Volk looked out of the room and down the next flight of stairs, carried faintly on the drafts of air he heard the sound of the drums below being used in the ritual Left-Paw-Alight had detected. He heard the vocal exchange between Left-Paw-Alight and Delte and rolled his eyes.
“She is Morag Tong Paws, now drop it will you.” Volk said as he spun around to face them.
Left-Paw-Alight stood in the centre of the round room mouth open and eyes wide at this revelation about Delte.
“How do you know?” He remarked as he regained his composure.
“She told me when we was captured by those vampires in Cyrodiil, before you and Veldam came back for us and purged the place.” Volk said to the shocked argonian. “She asked me not to tell anyone and I gave my word.”
“But they have a standing bounty on their heads for killing Potentate Versidue-Shaie.” Left-Paw-Alight added looking between Volk and Delte.
Delte sighed and said “Paws do you really think it was the Tong? If you were the Dark Brotherhood trying to get rid of the competition how would you do it?”
“Umm I see your point, I am sorry Delte. Why didn't you tell me though?” Left-Paw-Alight said feeling a little hurt.
“I didn't want to put you on the spot if anything happened to me, and when I told Volk I wanted to tell him because we wasn't sure we would make it out alive.” She said as she walked over to the argonian and gave him a hug “No harm done. We are still friends right?” She asked.
Left-Paw-Alight nodded and responded “Yes still friends, just wish you would of told me but I understand your reasons. You are good at keeping secrets Delte, anything else I should know?”
“Now where is the fun in knowing everything Paws?” She said with a smile as she followed Volk down the stairway “Come on we have a ritual to stop.”

The two dremora stood motionless at the entrance to the dungeons under the old fort. The only signs that there was any kind of life to the black armour that had red glowing runes engraved all over the suits were the two bright red eyes that peered from within the helmets. Their weapons were made of the same metal, both sported two handed swords that stood as tall as a mortal man the blades impossibly sharp that could cut through the toughest metal and stone on Nirn.
Johan drew back his bow with an ebony arrow nocked to the string, he sighted down the arrow at one of the dremora. The runes on the bow started to glow as he held his breath to steady his aim and loosed. As the black ebony arrow left the bow it was encased in ice from the magicka stored in the runes on the bow stave. The arrow slammed into the chest of the dremora on the right of the door killing it as the body was driven back by the force of the arrow to smash against the wall behind. The other dremora upon seeing Johan swung its sword high above its head and charged at him shouting “I smell weakness, die mortal.”
Left-Paw-Alight stepped out from a pillar on the balcony a halo of fire circling his hands, he clapped them together a small rune engraved piece of wood in his palms. As he clapped balls of fire leapt from him and slammed into the dremora. The impact put the daedra off balance mid charge, Delte and Volk took advantage of this and ran from their hiding places to attack the now wounded dremora. The fight was over very quickly Delte and Volk cut down the dremora before it could recover its balance.

Delte lead the way down into the dungeons keeping and eye open for traps and guards. Any that were found was quickly and quietly dispatched, the deeper they went into the dungeons the warmer the air became. Torches illuminated the tunnels that had been hewn into the living rock of the mountain. Cells with huge iron gratings line one wall, in each of them was a wooden bucket in a corner and a straw mattress that lay on the floor. Rats scurried about in the dark recesses and the constant drumming now picking up in tempo.
“Why the drums?” Johan asked aloud as they moved towards the sound.
“Magicka pulses with a life force of its own. It is created by life itself and in turn creates life.”Left-Paw-Alight explained the best he could “The drum represents a beating heart and helps focus the minds of the uninitiated in the Arts to be able to draw on its power.”
“How does that work for the undead though they have no heart?” Johan inquired fascinated by the subject.
“That is a different source of power, it comes from a different place and is the exact opposite of what we mortals do. Daedra use another type of magicka from us mortals as well and it is drawn from their patron lords or from pools of their own power.” He answered in the most simplest way possible for Johan to understand.
An intersection opened up where one corridor lead to a flight of stone steps, further up the corridor lights illuminated the entrance to a huge open natural cavern. From where they had stopped they could see the cavern was occupied by black robed figures all chanting and wearing masks or hoods to hide their faces.
Delte went up the dark stairway and reappeared after a few minutes. “This way it opens out onto a balcony that over looks the cavern.” She said to the others.
They all followed her up the dark stairs to the balcony that had been hewn into the natural rock of the cavern. Left-Paw-Alight cast wards and runes on the stairs to explode if any enemy followed them up.
Crouched low and looking over the rail into the cavern below the scene in front of them unfolded. The centre of the cavern was dominated by a huge black stone statue of Molag Bal. Stood before it was a man wearing a set of long red robes with gold thread and a human skull held aloft in one hand in the other was a ornate dagger with a pulsing purple gem on the end of its pommel, the blade of which was curved with wicked looking serrated edges forged of the same black metal seen from the daedra and their weapons and armour. His face was covered by a mask which was the same visage of the face on the statue.
Laying on the altar was a female altmer bound by chains and naked, she struggled against her bonds and where the chains rubbed against her delicate skin blood welts appeared. Set into the wall around the cavern were cells their entrances made of iron bars with locked doors. The drums were on a dais set apart from the statue and altar on this stood a man wearing a loin cloth his body wet with sweat as he beat the large drum. The skin of the drum had a strange leathery look to it while the bowl looked to made from the bones of various sentient races of Tamriel.
The drumming stopped and the man in the red robes plunged the dagger into the altmer's heart. At the point of her death the runes on the statue's legs glowed and a swirling gate appeared between them. Air from the cavern was drawn into the gate, and then a gust of wind came from the gate. Carried on the wind from the gate there was a horrible sickly stench of decay and death along with moans of an inhuman nature.
“Oh gods no they used that poor woman as the catalyst to open the gate.” Left-Paw-Alight said in a whisper “Her soul was used to open the gate, we need to stop this.”
The crowd of cultist prostrated themselves on the hard flagstone floor as shadowy figures started to appear in the Oblivion gate, the gate rippled at the figures stepped through. A procession of various daedra walked through the gate and stood on the dais looking at the cultists with their inhuman eyes. Robed daedra moved around the cavern to each cultist and acted out a small ritual with a inky black soul gem. At the end of the ritual a small transfer of energy from the cultist to the soul gem happened in a blue glowing mist.
“What are they doing?” Johan whispered.
“Allowing the daedra to condemn their souls to Molag Bal.” Delte said as she watched the scene “That crystal stores part of their soul so it will be forever linked to Coldharbour.”
“Look there.” Volk interrupted as he pointed at the cells “They are herding the captives to the gate.”
One by one each of the cells were opened and their occupants were roughly pulled out and whipped up to the gate by the dremora. Volk's eyes focused on the captives faces to see if he could see his wife amongst them. Realisation dawned on his face as he watched the dremora herd the slaves into the gate.
“No she is already in Coldharbour.” He said not seeing her in the crowd.
“Calm down Volk there are too many of them for us to handle.” Delte said as she put her hand on his arm. She felt him relax and he nodded.
The last of the slaves entered the portal along with their new masters, slowly the cavern started to empty leaving only the man stood on the dais wearing the red robes with gold thread along with the dead altmer.
“Now my dear you serve my lord in Coldharbour.” The priest spoke to the cooling corpse of the dead woman “And so shall your flesh server me in this world.” He finished and tenderly kissed the corpse as he groped its breasts. He stood up straight and picked up his dagger once more and slowly with great care carved out its heart and put it into a bowl. He then picked up a black soul gem and painted it with runes from the blood of the dead altmer. Left-Paw-Alight watched horrified and sank back down behind the railing of the balcony. “We need to stop this profanity.” He whispered.
“Agreed.” Volk said as he stood up and drew his two handed sword. He leapt down from the balcony and rolled as he landed on the floor below, at the end of the roll he was back on his feet and running towards the red robed priest.
“So much for being quiet.” Delte said as she drew her daggers and followed Volk.
Left-Paw-Alight stood up magical fire already circling his hands, Johan stood up as well his bow already being drawn.
From behind the mask the cultist priest gave a cry of shock when he was alerted to their presence as he stepped aside to face Volk and Delte.
Volk bounded up the steps and leapt at the priest sword raised high, the priests hands flew out at Volk and a wave of energy hit Volk in the chest. The force sent the nord flying back the way he had come, he hit the floor and rolled to a stop his two handed sword clattered on the stone floor of the cavern.
Fire flew from Left-Paw-Alight's hands towards the priest and hit a magical shield that shimmered in front of the priest the fire spattered and faded. Johan loosed his arrow at the priest and as it hit the same magical shield the barrier shattered into fragments of light. The cultist priest laughed and started to summon a powerful magical tempest of lighting. His incantation was cut short along with his life as a pair of daggers sliced across his throat from behind.
“Enough from you.” Delte said as she watched his corpse hit the floor.
Volk stirred and retrieved his sword as Left-Paw-Alight and Johan came down to join them. Delte picked up a leather bound journal that the dead priest was carrying on his belt, cries of alarm echoed down the passage from the fort. Their fight with the priest had not gone unheard. She read the book quickly scanning the pages for clues, her eyes opened wide as she understood the place names, numbers and dates were linked to the lunar cycles.
“Volk your wife is already in Coldharbour.” She said as the sound of shouts and running feet echoed down the passage getting louder all the time.
“Then that is where we go next.” Volk responded as he took the book from her and began to read it “I will tear Coldharbour apart to look for her dead or alive I will find her.”
A cry of pain echoed around the cavern all their heads turned to its source. Johan laid on the floor with two arrows protruding from his stomach and one from the right side of his chest. Blood foamed on his lips showing one of his lungs had been punctured. Delte ran over to him and knelt by his side, a blue glow surrounding her hands as she concentrated healing energies into the wounds.
“Paws cover me.” Delte shouted as another arrow flew by her narrowly missing her head.
Volk stood by Delte sword raised and ready to defend Johan and Delte.
Left-Paw-Alight pulled a stone with a rune carved into one side of its flat surface and pointed it at the stone archway that held the cavern roof up where the passage entered. Ice surged forth from his outstretched hands and slammed against the rocks, another salvo of arrows came through the blizzard and Volk swung his sword knocking a few of the closer ones aside. Delte looked up at the entrance and saw the enemy archers were already reloading their bows and making ready to fire. She picked up her two daggers and threw them one after another at their attackers, both hit their marks killing two of the archers.
“Paws your aim is a little high.” Volk shouted out as he stepped forward to intercept two cultists who had braved the magical blizzard.
The air above them went from freezing cold to an intense heat, concentration etched on Left-Paw-Alight's face. He blasted the frozen rocks with the summoned inferno, a piece of wood held in his hands glowing with the same intense heat, slowly the wood crumbled away into dust. The stone split open with a crack and then a rumble as massive chunks of super heated rock fell onto the archers. More stone fell now sending a wave of dust to cover the occupants of the cavern, Volk cut down the surprised cultists and threw himself over Delte and Johan as a wave of explosions erupted from the tunnel in which they had entered the cavern. The stair way and part of the balcony collapsed and was sealed off to any more cultist from entering the cavern.
The rumbling stopped and the dust began to settle in the cavern “Everyone all right?” Left-Paw-Alight coughed trying to clear his lungs of the dust he had breathed in.
“I think so, Delte are you okay?” Volk asked as he picked himself up and looked around.
“Yeah, just get off me you big lump.” Came her reply “Johan is hurt badly, I can't heal him.”
Johan grabbed Delte's arm and smiled up at her “Its okay Delte.” He coughed “You and the others gave me something I never dreamed of gaining.”
Delte shook her head and carried on trying to heal the wounded nord “I will try and stabilise your wounds.”
“All the exits are blocked how do we get out now?” Volk said as he inspected the cave in and kicked a stone at the rubble. A sound of digging could be heard coming from the other side of the cave in. Volk smiled “Maybe we could wait for them to dig us out and we kill them as they enter the cavern.”
“I think we will be dead by the time that happens.” Delte said not looking up from Johan “We need to escape through Coldharbour now its the only chance of getting out alive.”
“I will start the ritual to summon the magicka needed to open the portal.” Left-Paw-Alight said as he ran up to the altar and started to chant.
“That will take a long time Paws even I can feel the magicka has left the room.” Delte responded as she carried on pouring healing magicka into Johan.
“Use my life force.” came a weak voice.
Everyone in the cavern turned to look at Johan as he smiled and closed his eyes. “Use my soul to power the gate, I am dying anyway may as well use me to save those that have a chance to live.”
“I will not allow it, it is anathema to everything I stand for and believe in the Arts.” Left-Paw-Alight said shaking with anger, slamming the end of his staff on the stone floor sending sparks of lighting up from the point on impact to drive home his point of view.
“How long till we run out of air?” Delte shouted at him and then pointed at the cave in “How long till the cultist break through?”
“And how long will it take to open the portal with magicka?” Volk added following Delte's train of thought.
Left-Paw-Alight looked down at the floor and did some quick calculations and said “To long to open with magicka. We would of run out of air before then.”
“Then it is settled we sacrifice Johan.” Delte said as she stood up and retrieved the ceremonial dagger “Sorry Johan if there was another way.”
“Just make it quick Delte.” Johan coughed.
“Spoken like a true son of Skyrim.” Volk said as he walked over to where he lay “I will look for you in Sovngarde when my time on this world ends.”
Delte picked up the priests dagger and turned it over in her hands as she examined it. Runes were engraved along its blade and pulsed with an inner red light. Faint red veins of energy could be seen deep in the metal blade pulsing in time to a rhythm all of its own. The handle was wrapped and bound in leather and held tightly in place by silver wire. On the pommel was a strange looking gem that seemed to have a swirling mist trapped within. When she held it up to the light a wave of energy washed over her making her feel sick with revulsion as her mind was given a vision of human sacrifice and what was awaiting them in Coldharbour.
She put her fingers into the pool of blood from the dead priest and drew the rune of Mephala on her face and turned to the others.
“Pick an aedra or daedra that watches over you and paint their rune onto your faces.” Delte ordered the Volk and Left-Paw-Alight.
“Did you have to use his blood though Delte?” Left-Paw-Alight groaned at her.
“Use what ever is at hand, waste not want not.” she replied as she walked back to where Johan lay on the floor.
She knelt down by his side and raised the dagger up in the air above his heart and began to chant a tongue Volk and Left-Paw-Alight had never heard before.
“What language is that?” Volk wondered aloud as he painted on his face with some white chalk that Left-Paw-Alight had handed to him the rune for Kyne.
“I think its ancient chimer, the dunmer are heavily into daedra worship. They have a set few who they deem as good daedra and some that are evil.” Left-Paw-Alight explained to Volk as he drew the rune for Stendarr on his face.
“I thought all daedra were bad, would never of thought there were some good ones.” Volk said as he walked over to the portal to get ready to enter Coldharbour.
Left-Paw-Alight chuckled and nodded at him “And that is the best way to be when it comes to daedra.”
Johan looked up at the dagger poised above his heart and closed his eyes, a smile spreading over his face knowing he was giving the others a small chance to save the slaves and Volk's wife.
Delte finished the ritual and plunged the dagger into Johan's heart, the blood rune on her face lit up as soul energy coursed through the dagger down her arm and out of her other hand that was now pointing at the portal. Delte screamed in pain as a spiralling red mist left her and headed for the portal, it was then she felt another presence in the dagger a sentient mind vying for control over her own mind. Volk moved away from the portal to try and help her, but Left-Paw-Alight held him back from interfering with the ritual.
“She is in a battle for control against a daedra spirit that was bound to the dagger.” He shouted above the noise of Delte's screams and the roar of magicka that was now flooding the cavern “If she looses or the connection is broken before the ritual ends she will die.”
Delte regained some control of her vocal chords and shouted “Mephala guides me, and my Will guides my blades. My soul is hers to take it does not belong to you fell blade.” With that the portal ignited into a swirling purple mist a clap of thunder echoed around the cavern as once again air was pulled into Coldharbour and then air was sucked back into the cavern from the realm in Oblivion bringing with it once more the stench of decay and death. Delte stood up swaying unsteadily on her feet sweat pouring from her face from the magical battle with the dagger.
“Lets go it won't last long.” She said as she pulled the dagger out of Johan and walked over to the portal.
“Delte are you okay?” Left-Paw-Alight asked her in a concerned tone.
She nodded and gave a weak smile “I will be, wasn't expecting there to be a spirit in the dagger to be honest. A powerful one at that, but it now knows who’s its master is now. Paws hold onto my hand Volk you take hold of Paws's other hand. When we step through keep your eyes closed and mouth shut, and what ever you do; do not let go of each other.” With that she stepped through the portal with Left-Paw-Alight and Volk in tow.
All three stepped into the portal the air roared past their ears, Volk felt his ears pop and then an unimaginable pain swept over him as it felt like his whole body was being skewered with thousands of hot needles. He tried to scream but his mouth was instantly filled with hot ash, out of desperation he opened his eyes and instantly wished he had kept them shut. Then as sudden as it all began it was over, he was on his hands and knees looking at white sand and a black ocean as he moaned in pain and started to cough.
He looked over at Left-Paw-Alight and noticed the argonian mage throwing up his last meal and holding his head. “I feel sick.” Volk groaned as he slowly got up but instantly went back to his knees as his own stomach vented its contents.
“I feel like I have been turned inside out.” Left-Paw-Alight moaned and began to retch once more.
“Come on get up we are out in the open and need to move to cover before we are spotted.” Delte urged them as she stood guard with an arrow nocked to her bow that she had reclaimed from Johan.
“How come you are not effected as we are?” Left-Paw-Alight said as he steadily got to his feet and leant on his staff.
“Who is to say I am not effected? “ Delte offered back “When one travels to Oblivion you always leave a piece of yourself behind, sometimes its physical sometimes its mental. One thing for sure you are never the same again.”
Volk got to his feet and said “Lets get moving then.”

As they ran along the beach to some derelict buildings on the beach front small puffs of sand rose from where their feet struck the sand and slowly settled back down. Volk watched with interest and said “This sand is strange, it doesn't act like any sand I know of.”
“Its not sand.” Delte said “Its the ground up bones of Molag Bal's enemies that he has defeated over the ages.”
“Wish I never asked.” Volk said in a mumble.
“Yeah stop asking questions you don't want the answers to.” Left-Paw-Alight said with a chuckle.
“How would I know if I should ask them if I don't....... Shut it Paws.” Volk said laughing.

Inside the old derelict building there was old mouldy furniture along with burnt carpets and wall hangings, the wood had been scorched by flame and a thick layer of ash had settled over everything. The glass was still in some of the windows and Delte moved over to one and cleaned a small spot to look out of onto the street. Daedra and shackled mortal races could be seen milling about out side of the house in the streets. The slaves all had empty white eyes and drawn features as though they had been starved for weeks on end without any food, each of them dressed in long ragged robes. Volk joined Delte and looked out into the street through the window.
“Where did the new slaves go? They couldn't gotten far.” He said to Delte.
“Our gate opened in a random location because we didn't know the name of the link here or had a resonance stone.” She replied watching the street “My best guess is to look inside one of those towers that are dotted around the outer wall of the city. To be honest the quicker we leave this place the better for all.”
“I wonder what those large metal rings are doing floating up there above the towers.” Left-Paw-Alight added as he found a window to look out of.
“Not sure, but what ever they are it looks like trouble for Tamriel.” Delte confessed to him “We should make way to the nearest tower and try our luck there. Who knows we may find a kind soul here that can help us.”
“Is that even likely in a place like this?” Volk asked as he pulled away from the window.
Delte shrugged and said “This city is based on the Imperial City in Cyrodiil in a twisted sort of way, just as that city has its bad elements this one will have its good elements hidden away.”

The three of them left the building taking care not to be seen by the denizens of Coldharbour. The route they took was slow with having to move from alleyway to alleyway, while at the same time hiding from the roaming patrols of daedra. The clouds above the large tower at the centre of the city swirled in a huge vortex all made up of different shades of black and grey, with no sun or moon to guide them they had to rely on landmarks and their own sense of direction. It wasn't long before they found that some of the humans were not placid individuals and that some of them would attack on sight as they hunted for food amongst the rubbish that was strewn about on the ground. They was alone in an alien wasteland with danger around every corner, and where most of the cities occupants wanted to eat them or kill them.