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This is a background story set in The Elder Scrolls universe. All the events take place in the 2nd era during the time of the Interregnum. (Elder Scrolls Online)
It details a friendship between the main character Delte and her two friends one Nord who is called Volk Shatter Shield and a Argonian that goes by the name of Left-Paw-Alight.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Chapter 11, Location:- Outside Broken Tower Reboudt, Date:- 2E 581 First Seed Tirdas 17th.

Chapter 11
Location:- Outside Broken Tower Redoubt.
Date:- 2E 581 First Seed Tirdas 17th

Kavak and the Oathsworn of the Shatter-Shield clan had a busy time with clearing the old fort of the cultists that had made it their home. He and his men had found some of the cultists trying to dig through a fresh cave in deep in the old dungeons. Once the fighting had died down and he was happy enough with the security of the old fort he sent teams out to do a final sweep and to kill any cultists they found along the way.
He sat down heavily on the stone steps leading up to the main door by the roadside and looked up at the clear blue sky as the sun rose to its zenith for the day. The air was filled with bird song as they flitted about the cliff face and bushes that clung to the old rocks for survival. The search for the lord Volk had been for naught as there had been no sign of him or Left-Paw-Alight and he began to wonder if they were trapped on the other side of the cave in which was why the cultists were digging there to try and get to them.
Kavak pulled his two handed sword out and rested it on his lap and inspected the blade. The blade of the sword had notches from the fight at the clan hold and from the battle that had taken place in the fort, he lovingly stroked it with a calloused hand and a smile. The weapon had served him for most of his adult life and now like him it was starting to loose its edge far to quickly in battle.
Lightning split the sky and a vortex of clouds swirled above the grass plains, Kavak looked up as a flight of birds frightened by the sudden sound took to the air and sighed.
“One more battle for us both by the looks of it.” he said to the blade as he stood up and went back inside the old fort to bellow out a command “Oathsworn to me, we have more daedra to kill.” His voice boomed throughout the old fort and the sound of running feet clad in metal and leather could be heard as his unit of elite warriors started to gather to him.

The portal from Coldharbour opened up ten yards above the grass plain and evicted three figures that hit the ground below. With a crack like thunder the portal closed behind them. From where Kavak stood with the Oathsworn he could see the figures laying on the ground was an argonian and two humans one male and one female. The figures didn't move for a while and then started to rouse trying to stand up onto their feet. Kavak gave the order to raise the shield wall and approach the three figures before they could gain their bearings and attack them.
Volk rolled over onto his back as he tried to catch his breath. Gresla laid next to him looking up at the clear blue sky and started to laugh and breath in deeply the clear mountain air of Skyrim. Left-Paw-Alight sat bolt up right and looked around in a daze.
“Oh look Kavak is here to greet us.” he said as his brain tried to process the sight around him “That's nice, I wonder how he knew where to find us.” Left-Paw-Alight then held his head in his hands and started to make a strange croaking sound a sob left him as he realised what had happened “Oh gods we left Delte behind.”
“I know.” Volk said as he rose to his feet with the help of his wife who was overjoyed at being freed “How are we going to break the news to Veldam?”
Volk walked over to Left-Paw-Alight and helped him to his feet “Come on Paws.”
“I will send Veldam a letter once we get back to your hold.” Left-Paw-Alight said as he rose to his feet.
“She will not be forgotten Paws, while my clan still lives in these hills and my family hold still stands her name will live on in our sagas.” came the reply from Volk.

Kavak stopped halfway to the three figures and gave the order to lower the shield wall, he watched as the three figures got to their feet and a smile spread across his face as he recognised the human male and argonian to be Volk and Left-Paw-Alight, the female he assumed was Volk's wife Gresla. He started to laugh and moved forward to greet them all, the Oathsworn broke rank and followed their leader.
“It is good to see you my lord Volk.” Kavak said as he greeted him with a warriors handshake.
“Good to see you as well old man.” Volk responded with a grin as he looked around at the Oathsworn and added “Where is Brom?”
“There are many things we need to discuss on the way home.” Kavak answered his tone dropping to a more serious note. Volk's heart leapt into his throat and his mouth went dry as he tried to swallow.
“Is Brom well?” he asked the old nord fearing the worse.
“Yes Brom is fine.” Kavak said with a grin spreading across his face “And so is your son Fraki.”
At hearing this new Gresla gave a sigh of relief “Thank the gods.” she put her arm around Volk and rested her head on his shoulder.
“What are you not telling us though?” Left-Paw-Alight spoke up as he listened in on the conversation.
“Best that comes from Brom.” Kavak said as he looked at each of them.
“I'll tell him if you wont.” Gresla said in a defiant tone “Your father Volk lead the......”
“Shut it woman.” Kavak raised his hand to strike Gresla “You maybe Volk's wife but it is not …..”
“It's ok Kavak let her speak.” Volk interrupted him and then lowered his voice to a growl and added “She is my wife and I do not want you to speak to her in such a way again. You shall treat her with the same respect as you would me.”
“Forgive me my lord.” Kavak apologised and bowed low to Volk “Forgive me my lady.”
“Apology accepted.” Gresla said looking at Kavak, she then turned to Volk and continued “Your father Volk lead the attack on our farm and took Fraki from me after he killed Michael in cold blood.”
Volk staggered backwards away from her the shock of the news was like a physical blow to him as he looked between Gresla and Kavak shaking his head in disbelief. “This is some sort of cruel joke it has to be.” he said wiping away the tears.
“I wish it were.” Kavak said as he held onto Volk to steady him “Brom challenged your father when his crimes became known. He won and sent us to find you.”
“I have regained my wife and new born, only to loose a battle sister and my father. The gods certainly know how to make fun of us.” Volk shook off Kavak and went to his wife and held her close.
Kavak turned to look at Left-Paw-Alight in his ruined robes “Good to see you as well Paws old friend.” he frowned at the argonian looking him up and down “New look in robes I see?”
“No it is not.” snapped Left-Paw-Alight “They are ruined Delte she cut...them..” he stopped his rant and looked at Kavak “Delte is the name of the battle sister Volk spoke of. If not for her we would not of been able to escape Coldharbour.”
“Let us go home I wish to see my son.” Volk said.

Location:- Shatter-Shield clan hold.
Date:- 2E 581 First Seed Fredas 20th

Brom sat in the clan longhall the blood and bodies from the fight with the cultists and his father had been removed. New fur rugs had been placed around the hall and servants scurried about cleaning, some of the militia stood guard inside the hall. Shouts were heard outside as the rest of the militia went through their drills and training. A large fire gave the longhall a much needed warmth, spread out in front of it was a fur rug where Fraki lay giggling as Hreira played with him and her new born daughter. The mood around the settlement had improved greatly and a new sense of hope seemed to of fallen over the people who lived and worked within. As the winters snow had retreated the flowers were starting to come out of their winter hibernation. Children ran about outside playing games of hide and seek or seeing how far they could roll a wooden hoop with a small stick down the roads.
One of the militia sergeants entered the longhall, his long chainmail coat glittered in the shafts of sunlight that spilled down from the roof and windows. He walked briskly up to where Brom sat and bowed low. “My lord I have news.” he said with a barley contained smile and waited for the signal to continue.
Brom waved a hand at the sergeant “Go on sergeant Balfhe .”
“Your brother approaches with Kavak and the Oathsworn my lord.” sergeant Balfhe said then stepped to one side.
Brom shot to his feet and started to half walk and half run out of the longhall to greet his brother. He stopped at the doorway and shouted over to Hreira “Volk is on his way get Fraki ready to meet his father.”

The approach to the longhall was lined with family members of the Shatter-Shield clan as well as the militia and local farmers who tended the lands around the hold. The cheering was overwhelming, Brom stood at the doors to the longhall beaming from ear to ear, his long hair braided with coloured beads and cloth. He wore a red woollen tunic and leather britches with leather boots that came up to his knees. Around his neck was a golden torc that glittered in the sunlight his arms also had golden torcs to show his status as a warrior lord. He looked over at Hreira who was holding Fraki and said to her “Stay out of sight with Fraki, I wish to surprise Volk.”
Left-Paw-Alight looked over at Volk as they made their way through the crowd towards the longhall. During their journey through Coldharbour and back to the clan hold he had noticed grey streaks of hair had appeared in Volk's hair and beard. His own glorious plumage of coloured feathers had fallen out and now it was being replaced with a crown of horns. The words that Delte had said echoed in his mind about travelling through Oblivion will always take a toll on those mortals that dare enter. Gresla and Volk had been inseparable throughout the whole journey from Rorikstead.
They all dismounted their horses a few steps away from the longhall, Volk helped Gresla off her horse and walked hand in hand up to the main doors where Brom stood waiting with a huge grin on his face. The two brothers embraced each other as only brothers can, and then Brom turned to Gresla and gave her the same welcome.
“Is it true about the Old Bear?” Volk asked breaking the silence between them looking at Brom.
Tears welled up in Brom's eyes as he nodded his head, Volk embraced him again and said “It should never of been you to do this task, forgive me brother.”
“Well there is some good news I have for you and Gresla.” Brom said as he waved Hreira out from her hiding spot with Fraki “We saved him before our father could sacrifice him to Molag Bal.”
Hreira stepped out of the longhall with Fraki in her arms and presented him to Volk and his wife. Gresla gave a gasp of joy at seeing her baby and gently took him from Hreira, Volk looked down at the face of his surviving son and placed his index finger into the palm of the young boy. Fraki gripped hold tight on his fathers finger as Volk tried to shake it free with a smile.
“He has a good grip, he will make a fine warrior.” Volk said he then looked at Hreira and said to her “You lass come here.”
Hreira walked up to Volk and gave a small curtsey “My lord ?”
“Are you the wet nurse Kavak told me about?” he asked her his tone now more serious and stern.
“Yes my lord.” she replied with her head still bowed.
“Look at me when I want to thank you for taking the time to look after my boy and offer you anything within my power to give you as reward.” Volk said to the young mother
Hreira looked up into Volk's steel blue eyes framed with his black hair and said “I only wish for my daughter to grow up healthy and be given an education.” she said in all honesty.
“Then it shall be so, move your family up to the longhall.” Volk said resolute “I think a feast is in order to celebrate our return and reunion.” he said as he placed an arm around Gresla and Brom as they wall walked into the longhall.

The feast lasted for three days and three nights in celebration of Volk's return and his reunion with Gresla his wife along with his son. On the last day of the feast a clan skald stood on a large oak table with a drum and sang a new saga of Volk's adventures in Cyrodiil and Coldharbour. Once he was finished the skald quietened down the crowd in the hall and spoke to his audience.
“Although she was a dunmer her skin ashen grey with violet eyes she had the heart and soul of a daughter of Skyrim, and this saga is for her.”
He then started to beat his drum once more and sang a second saga about Delte and her sacrifice to save Volk and Gresla from Coldharbour.


Left-Paw-Alight kept to his word and sent a letter to general Veldam giving him the bad news of Delte's demise and how it had occurred.
Veldam didn't take the news well and entered into a spiral of self destruction over the next year. The bottle became his only companion and love for a while until he lost his commission for general after a large defeat in a siege at one of the keeps that littered Cyrodiil. It was shortly after this event he managed to pull himself out of the bottle and work towards getting his rank of general back. His natural charisma brought others like him together to form a small unit of highly trained men and women. They took on the jobs deep behind the enemy lines in disrupting supplies of the enemy alliances. Rumours surrounded the unit about all those that serve in it are looking for death and they were tired of life due to the high risk missions they took. The enemy soldiers gave Veldam's new unit the name Hellequin which would garner ghost stories around the campfires at night.

Left-Paw-Alight said his farewells to the Shatter-Shield family and went on to the college in Winterhold city. When he arrived at the college he was well received by the other mages who studied and lived there. He gave the council his own accounts of what he had seen and done in Coldharbour, along with the strange contraptions he had seen being made. Left-Paw-Alight left out the part about Delte due to a promise he had made to Volk that he would find a way to free her soul or get her home if she still lived some how.
Left-Paw-Alight was given the honour of being able to hand pick his own students that would help him research more on the daedra and the events in Coldharbour. Over the next couple of years he kept in touch with the Shatter-Shield clan and sent letters to Veldam, although he never got any back from the general.

In the year that followed Volk's return home his wife Gresla gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Gresla and Volk overjoyed with this blessing gave their new addition to the family the name of Delte in honour of his missing friend. Fraki and Delte Shatter-Shield was given every care and attention that could be afforded. Brom and Serena the breton healer from Rorikstead started courting and after a year and a half they tied the knot at the shrine of Mara to become husband and wife. Volk still taunts his brother about not marrying a nord, but soon found that Serena to be a perfect match for his brother. Gresla and Serena became good friends and would often spend time together while the two brothers were away on business.
True to his word Volk accepted Hreira and her daughter along with her husband into the clan and gave them the same attention as he would his own flesh and blood.
Kavak decided to retire and hang up his sword once and for all, as he stepped down as the clans housecarl his nephew and husband to Hreira took up the title. The ranks of the oathsworn swelled as some of the displaced people from Rorikstead came to the clan hold and pledged themselves to the clan. With this came new problems as the jarls Morthal and Solitude demanded to know what Volk's intentions were to be with such a fighting force on their southern boarders.
On the pillars that held up the roof of the longhall a new saga was carved into the wood of Volk's adventures with his two friends but it was never finished until the fate of Delte could be determined.

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