About the story.

This is a background story set in The Elder Scrolls universe. All the events take place in the 2nd era during the time of the Interregnum. (Elder Scrolls Online)
It details a friendship between the main character Delte and her two friends one Nord who is called Volk Shatter Shield and a Argonian that goes by the name of Left-Paw-Alight.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Ulfbert Shatter-Shield profile.

Name:- Ulfbert Shatter-Shield

Demeanour:- Survivor; Ulfbert is one of the most fearsome thanes in the hold of Whiterun. Known to go to great lengths to make sure he and his men would survive any encounter.

Age:- 53

Gender:- Male

Birth date:- 2E 528 Mid Year 2nd

Birth sign:- The Ritual

Place of Birth:- Shatter-Shield clan hold in the north of Whiterun Hold.

Race:- Nord

Alliance:- None (he never joined the pact and dedicated his life to protect the lands of Whiterun.)

Current Profession:- Thane to Whiterun on the northern boarder.

Physical descriptions:-
Hair:- Bald, but his face sports a large grey beard.

Eye colour:- Blue.

Skin colour:- Tanned .

Body build:- Well muscled for a man of his age.

Type of clothing worn:- When in court he wears furs and woollen clothing. When in battle he wears a plate breastplate with a bears head embossed in gold underneath this he wears a chainmail shirt and leather jerkin. On his legs he wears chainmail greaves over the top of padded leather britches. On his arms are gold torcs to show his status and ability as a warrior.

Facial/Body marking:- He has a few scars on his face and body which he is very proud of.

Likes:- Power, Honour, Strength
Dislikes:- Getting old, not being able to perform on the field of battle, weakness.

Combat abilities:- He will exclusively use a two handed weapon at all times for its sheer destructive power in close combat. Shuns ranged weapons seeing them as a womans weapon or bandits, and will refuse to use magic.

Ulfbert is an old nord who sees tradition to be sacred, he and Kavak grew up together in the clan hold of the Shatter-Shield. When they became older they would often wander the wilderness of Skyrim exploring the ruins of the dwemer or the old dragon priest tombs that littered the countryside. It was on one of these adventures he met Left-Paw-Alight shortly after his first son Kym was born. Not sure on how to thank the argonian shaman who had saved his life he offered employment as a teacher to his young son.
In time Volk and Brom were born and a few years after Brom's birth his wife died of consumption that Left-Paw-Alight could not heal her of. This effected Ulfbert more than he realised as this was the start of his downward spiral into looking how to stave off death, namely his own. This he did in secret in one of the old ruins he had found when he was younger.
He eventually found that he could gain immortality, but the daedra lord that could give it to him was Molag Bal and demanded one thing of Ulfbert. This one thing was that he had to sacrifice the future of his clan to be given The Gift.
Unsure of what this meant Ulfbert told Kym about his plans hoping he would understand and stand by him, Kym was disgusted at his father and told him he would hand him over to the jarl for his crimes. Ulfbert murdered Kym and hid his death through a weaving of lies, but kept his skull to adorn the statue of Molag Bal.
Ulfbert's plans were to come to fruition when he realised his grandchildren from Volk's marriage would be the future of the clan. So he gathered cultists to him and raided Volk's farm while Volk was away fighting for the Pact. Faced with one grandchild defending the farm and his mother Ulfbert was enraged and slew the young boy of seven, then stormed the house taking Fraki from his crying mother. Gresla the mother was given to the cultists to become a sacrifice for Molag Bal, while the young boy was to be taken to the clan hold and sacrificed there to prove Ulfbert's worth to his new master.
With Volk's return how ever and he and his friends looking for the cultists responsible for the attack Ulfbert knew it was only a matter of time before his plans would be revealed. He was forced to accelerate them, but did not consider that the cultists also had their own agenda to gather more sacrifices from Rorikstead.

When he met Left-Paw-Alight he was very much like Volk, but after the death of his wife he started to become morose at times. As he got older he started to hate it and looked for a way to regain his youth and this made him bitter at times. Still loved by his people he would make sure they were well protected and fed. He would often wear gold torcs around his biceps and these were could be cut up by his two handed axe to pay for equipment or food for his men when times were hard. If a warrior proved themselves worthy in battle he would also award one gold torc to the warrior. All of his oathsworn adored him as a leader.

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