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This is a background story set in The Elder Scrolls universe. All the events take place in the 2nd era during the time of the Interregnum. (Elder Scrolls Online)
It details a friendship between the main character Delte and her two friends one Nord who is called Volk Shatter Shield and a Argonian that goes by the name of Left-Paw-Alight.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Book 2. Prologue:- Location:-Broken Tower Redoubt. Date:- 2E 584 Evening Star Middas 15th

Book 2.

Location:-Broken Tower Redoubt.
Date:- 2E 584 Evening Star Middas 15th

The statue of Molag Bal stood motionless in the darkness of the cavern, the torches that once illuminated the cavern now extinguished due to the lack of oxygen. A low audible hum could be heard coming the statue as power radiated from it. Scattered around the cavern was desiccated bodies broken and twisted, some still held weapons in their hands from where they fell.
Rubble and loose stones started to tumble down a heap at one end of the cavern. A hand appeared in a hole and withdrew. Light from the other side of the rubble heap poured through the small hole. Voices could be heard muffled and talking.
“I think we are through.” a male voice said “Pass me the torch.”
"Make the hole bigger." another male voice said this time in a thick heavy accent common to the khajiit.
"Wait help me up I will send a light orb in so we can see the whole room." a female voice spoke up above the two male voices.
The sound of scrabbling could be heard with a few grunts of effort, then a stave was pushed through the hole and a small globe of light left the end of it and floated up to the ceiling of the cavern illuminating the whole cavern in a eerie blue light. Molag Bal's statue stood as an imposing and horrific sight that dominated the view, a shocked gasp came from the hole in the rubble as a pair of eyes took in the scene of the cavern.
"What is it?" one of the male voices said with concern.
"I think we have found the chamber our employer wanted to find, its exactly like he described it." the female voice answered "The statue is still intact which means our job is going to be easier."
"I don't like this we should pray to Stendarr before we go any further." one of the male voices said.
“Pray all you like Casper, just do it while we move this stone heap so we can get in and paid.” the other male voice said which had a roughness to its edge.
“Enough are we not the Undaunted?” a male with a heavy Alik'r accent spoke up for the first time.

The gap in the rubble pile started to expand along with the grunts and groans as the small group started to clear enough of it to get into the cavern beyond. After a few hours the gap had turned into a large hole which discharged four shadowy figures. One of the figures held aloft a staff and spoke a few words, fire sparks flew from the staff and danced around the cavern walls igniting the torches that hung in their holders bringing them back to life once more. As the flames settled on the torches their light showed the features of the four figures that had entered the cavern which housed the statue of Molag Bal.
Standing at the entrance to the cavern was a tall khajiit wearing leather armour and sporting two swords strapped to his back, in one ear he had gold rings and a gold nose ring also. His fur had a mottled pattern to it and shining green eyes looked around the room in a cold calculating movement. To his left stood a large orc wearing platemail armour and sporting a two handed hammer that when placed end first on the ground stood as tall as the orc. His face was a miss match of skin and scars with one ear missing completely. To the right of the Khajiit stood a smaller man of bosmer origins he wore a mixture of cloth and leather and held a bow in his left hand, small bones were tied into his long brown hair. On the bosmer's right stood a woman of imperial descent she was dressed in a long robe and held a staff in her right hand, over her shoulder was a satchel filled with paper and books. Her hair was long and golden like corn with green eyes outlined with black eye liner. A redguard stepped forward in front of her with a sword and shield ready for action as he scanned the scene before them, brown dangerous eyes looked around the room his hair was tied up in corn rolls. His metal armour shone in the torch light as he moved further into the cavern and gave one of the dead bodies a kick.
“Get the rubbing of the runes and find the journal.” the redguard said over his shoulder “And lets get out of here. Zo'Grob head back to the fort entrance and keep watch there make sure no one follows us in to cut off our escape.” he addressed the large orc.
With a nod and a grunt the large orc known as Zo'Grob left the cavern and headed back to the main entrance to the fort.
“This one will stay here by the entrance, Rik'Sea doesn't like like this place.” the khajiit said as he leant against the wall and shrouded himself in shadows.
“Fine I guess its down to me and Casper to find the journal and get the rubbing of the runes from the statue.” the imperial woman said as she looked at the redguard and walked over to the imposing statue of Molag Bal.
She stood looking at the runes that were engraved on the statue and noticed how they repeated themselves as they rose up on each leg. Slowly she ran her fingers over them caressing the statues leg as she would a lovers leg. A wave of built up magicka energy exploded outward in a pulse of purple light which sent the imperial woman flying backwards to land a few feet away on her back. The redguard immediately went into a defensive position with his weapon and shield ready, while Rik'Sea could be heard drawing his two swords ready for action his green eyes scanning the cavern for any sign of movement. Casper ran over to help the imperial woman back to her feet.
“Are you all right Amesia?” he said as he helped her back to her feet.
“A little shaken that is all.” she said as she dusted herself off “Relax Torlin.” she said looking at the redguard “It was just a build up of magicka energy, and I just happened to give it a path to discharge down. If I had been ready for it none of you would of noticed.”
“Next time Amesia warn us you are going to do something like that.” Rik'Sea said as he put his swords back into their scabbards.
“You wouldn't understand half of what Casper or I do if I explained everything.” Amesia replied in annoyance as she pulled out some tracing paper and started to work on taking the rubbing of the runes.
Casper continued his search for the book a torch held aloft as he moved around the cavern, the sound of Amesia's rubbing could be heard now as she worked on the statue. The lights flickered as a breeze blew through the cavern along with a low moaning sound. Everyone in the cavern stopped what they was doing and looked around waiting for the dead to rise. Those few moments seemed to stretch into eternity. Amesia let out a sigh of relief when nothing moved and realised she had been holding her breath. She went back to rubbing the paper to get an imprint of the daedra runes.
“Found the journal.” Casper shouted in excitement as he held the book up for all to see. He walked over to where Amesia worked on the runes that adorned the statue. He held the book out so she could place it into her satchel. She took the journal from the bosmer and placed it into her bag, red warm liquid covered her hands and face as she looked back up to Casper a fountain of blood erupted from his mouth as a rusty sword exited his chest. Amesia screamed clutching the rubbing’s and satchel to her chest as she ran over to Torlin who was once again in a defensive position ready to fight. The dead bodies started to stir from their slumber as skeletal hands searched for discarded weapons. Moans and creaking bones echoed around the cavern as the dead rose up. Amesia looked up at the statue of Molag Bal and noticed its eyes now glowed a cold blue as a malevolent laugh emanated from its stony form.
“Time to leave.” Torlin said as he backed up to the entrance pushing Amesia behind him “Rik'Sea scout our way out.”
A shadow fled past him as the khajiit ran down the corridor towards the entrance.
“Amesia follow Rik'Sea, I will hold them off here.” Torlin said as he stood in the small opening to the cavern.
“No you will need help here.” Amesia argued.
“Don't argue woman, get out now.” Torlin shouted at her as he received a blow from one of the undead on his shield and responded with a over head chop with his curved sword.
Amesia ran down the corridor to the stairway that lead back up to the ground floor and to freedom, behind her she could hear the sound of battle as Torlin held back the tide of undead giving her and the remaining companions a chance of escape. Ahead of her she saw Rik'Sea defending himself from three undead skeletons as they tried to kill him. His swords flashed faster than the eye could follow as he danced amongst them with ease, he flashed in and out of shadows in a reflexive nature which gave him the edge in combat. Amesia held out her staff and muttered a few words as she approached his position and let fly shards of crystal that exploded on contact showering the undead and smashing their dry bones to dust.
Amesia ran past him and bounded up the stairs, Rik'Sea looked back down the corridor hoping to see Torlin following. In the dim light he could see blue glowing eyes approaching and realised Torlin would not be following as the first skeleton entered the pools of light. A figure dressed in ragged red robes could be seen at the back of the undead horde driving it forwards, by its side could be seen the miss shapen head of Torlin as he limped forwards. Rik'Sea ran up the stairs to gain a height advantage and prepared to hold the stairway.
Amesia got to the entrance to the fort and saw Zo'Grob ready with his weapon confusion on his face as the sound of combat echoed through the fort.
“What's going on?” he grunted as Amesia ran up to him.
“Undead are attacking, Torlin tried to hold them back. Rik'Sea is right behind me.” Amesia said gasping for air.
“No he isn't.” Zo'Grob said “Looks like the kitty bought it, never liked him anyway. Get to the horses I will hold them at the doors here.”
Amesia nodded and ran out to where the horses were tied up and started to untie them. Zo'Grob fought at the doorway using its narrow aperture and his large weapon to his advantage to buy Amesia time to get their two horses ready for the escape.
She mounted her horse and pulled he reigns of Zo'Grob's horse over to where he held the doorway. To give him time to mount the beast she let loose a barrage of lighting at the undead and then summoned a wall of ice to block the doorway. Zo'Grob mounted his horse and they both urged the horses into a gallop. The ice that blocked the door was already starting to melt as the red robed skeleton summoned flames from the other side.

A few hours passed and the two survivors slowed their horses to a walking pace so they could catch their breath.
“You have the items we need?” Zo'Grob shouted as they rode along the road to Rorikstead.
“Yeah.” Amesia shouted as she looked back over her shoulder at the orc that followed her. He gave her a grin and a wink knowing now they would still get paid. His eyes went wide in shock as his grin turned into a visage of shock. He dropped his hammer as an arrow exited his head through his right eye. Amesia screamed as more arrows clattered around her from the undead that had not given up the chase. She realised also that the undead did not need rest or sleep, she gave a silent prayer to what ever god was listening in the hope to reach Rorikstead before death caught her and added her to the undead ranks.

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